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Joe Birch 09-11-2007 12:40 PM

WOD's with broken arm
Hi, I'm new too crossfit and unfortunately broke my forearm (radius and ulna) playing rugby 3 weeks ago.. fairly experienced with most lifts but obviously unable to do many! Won't be able to lift heavy for another 3-4 months or play rugby for another 5-7 months, so just looking to cut down and stay (preferably increase!) fit before i can strength/mass and rugby train properly again!

I can do lower body isolation exercises (highly unpreferable), back squats (either free bar in a squat cage with very low weight or heavy using a smith machine) and also torso exercises (abs + extensions)

As i said very new too crossfit, I did Nancy today with 45 pound back squats (can't do OHS) as this is all I can safely support (15:30 time). Just wanted some idea's for variated WOD's you think I may be able to or current WOD's I could do as already prescribed. Obviously picked up on a few I can do comfortably but looking for some potential variations!

Thanks, Joe

David Wood 09-11-2007 06:17 PM

Re: WOD's with broken arm
3 rounds for time:

run 400 m
box jump 30 reps, 24" box
DL your body weight (on the bar) 15 reps

In your case, just do the heaviest "suitcase" (one-sided) DL (DB or BB) you can manage.

(Or, maybe a better alternative to the DL: 15 one-handed swings with a DB or KB, maybe about 35 pounds).

Not sure what a good time would be; I imagine anything under 12:00 would be pretty good. I hit this (with the DL's) in 12:45 once, most other bouts with it have been over 14:00 (but I'm in pretty bad shape). YMMV.

You'll find this hits the legs in three completely different ways.

Adam Noble 09-11-2007 11:30 PM

Re: WOD's with broken arm
Take the injury time and work on pistols, or if you are good at those, lots of pistols. Incidently how bad a break is it? Forearm cast, splint, or one of the whole arm right angle things?

Joe Birch 09-12-2007 04:25 AM

Re: WOD's with broken arm
It's a closed complete fracture radius and ulna (basically snapped in half but not come out the skin). Had an operation to have both bones plated which are staying it, but no cast afterwards (because it was already secure in place with plates).

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