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Norm Swann 07-18-2015 11:36 AM

Re: The Barn
Spearfish Canyon, SD

7/8/15 Sunshine, The Big Black Face
Pakistani Route 5.9 Onsight
First Wall
The Sundance 5.10b Fall
The Sundance 5.10b Redpoint
The Cat Wall
Cougar's Pupil 5.11a Fall
The Butt Rocks Wall
Euphemism Beresford Memorial 5.11 b. Fall
Simply Ravishing 5.10c Cluster @#*@
The Bunny Slope
Bugs Bunny 5.8 Onsight

7/9/15 The Dark Side Wall, Warm-up wall
Skywalker 5.9+ Flash
Wild West
Dead Man's Hand 5.10b Flash
The Dark Side Wall
Breast Pump 5.11b Falls
Lactation Station 5.11b Falls

7/11/15 The Dark Side, Warm-up Walls
Princess I-Wanna-Lay-Ya 5.9 Falls(start more like 11a)
Lamo 10c Flash
The Dark Side Wall
Lactation Station 5.11b Redpoint
Fast Hair Wall
Schwibbles 5.10c Falls

7/12/14 The Dark Side, Warm-up wall
Skywalker 5.9+ Redpoint
Fast Hair Wall
Schwibbles 5.10c Redpoint
The Dark Side Wall
Concracktion 5.11c Falls
Gold Mine Wall
Arsenic ArÍte 5.10d Fall
Arsenic ArÍte 5.10d Redpoint

7/14/15 Shawdowlands, The Green Mile
PDA 5.9+ Flash
Pickup Sex 5.9+ Fall
Trucker Love 5.9+ Flash
Pickup Sex 5.9+ Redpoint
Wall of Wow
Sweet 5.12a Falls
Sweet 5.12a Fall
Sweet 5.12a Redpoint
Tunnel Wall
Doorf 5.9+ Flash

Great trip with a good friend!

Norm Swann 07-19-2015 08:24 PM

Re: The Barn
Bike Ride w/Sandy 18.12 miles, 13.3 average speed, 2 rests

Norm Swann 07-20-2015 07:40 PM

Re: The Barn
50 SU/25 DU/50 alt footstep/25 x-over, 60 push-ups in sets of 15, 50 AbMat Situps, 15 K-2-E, 15 C-2-B pullups: 7-8, 5 pistols each leg, Hot Yoga:
As few MU as possible to do 15 dips: 2MU 10-5, 30 Ab Roller, 15 Box Jumps, 20", 15 T-2-B, 100 DU: 10-43-72-100,

Norm Swann 08-01-2015 04:57 AM

Re: The Barn
50 SU/25 DU/50 alt footstep/25 x-over, 60 push-ups in sets of 15, 10 HSPU-kipping, 5 pistols each leg,
Hot Yoga:
50 AbMat Situps, 100 DU: 55-60-100, 30 Ab Roller

Norm Swann 08-03-2015 08:14 PM

Re: The Barn
Saturday: Hinckley

Today:Hot Yoga

Norm Swann 08-05-2015 02:23 PM

Re: The Barn
Hinckley w/Rick, Don & Ken
12 routes

Norm Swann 08-15-2015 07:23 PM

Re: The Barn
8/12/15 Wed. New River: Summersville w/Ken, Rick and Tim
5.6 Unnamed (trad left side of Orange Oswald Wall) Onsight
5.8 Unnamed (Trad-between Satisfaction Guarantied and Narcissus) Onsight
5.9 Mixed (Couple routes over from the 5.6-3 bolts) Fell at first bolt, then Redpoint

Thurs. Endless
Fantasy Crack 5.8 Redpoint
Doce Doe 1st pitch 5.6 Ken lead
Two-Step Arete 5.8 Onsight

Friday Bridge
Beginners Only 5.7 Onsight
Midnight Moonlight 5.7 Onsight
First Strike 10a Fall at first crux, sit at second crux Nice Route
Where Real Men Dare 5.8 Redpoint

Saturday w/ Jeff Dunbar and NC climbers
Deep Water Soloing at Summerville Lake

Another great trip- and great conditions for August

Norm Swann 08-18-2015 07:23 PM

Re: The Barn
Mon: Hot Yoga, misc exercises

Today: Boulder and Crack Board in The Barn
Later: Bike with Sandy, 18.25 miles

Norm Swann 08-19-2015 06:49 PM

Re: The Barn
Hot Yoga, misc exercises

Norm Swann 08-22-2015 07:26 AM

Re: The Barn
Friday: Climb at Hinckley w/Robert, Nahomi, Rick, Don, Ken O-Wall area. Cleaned up Christ Died-with Rick's beta close to getting it.

Bike south of Niles on Bike Trail w/ Sandy, Robert, Nahomi and Kevin
29.66 miles in 2 hours 41 minutes.

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