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Clint Lecher 06-18-2007 06:15 AM

Hey guys lonestar23 here. I am new to crossfit but not to working out. Been active in the weight room for years and train MMA, primarily boxing, muay thai, and alot of BJJ. Just had my first local mma fight. It was a draw but i totally out conditioned the other fighter, who was actually 15 lbs heavier than I.
Anyways I was just looking for some specific advice and particularly specific metcons that are good for MMA or other Martial Arts conditioning. Thanks everyone!

Tom Brose 06-18-2007 04:46 PM

Congrats on the fight, and for finding CrossFit. Honestly, there are specific workouts that mimic the demands of a fight more so than others, but I think thats missing the point. The overall approach of CrossFit is the most beneficial way to go. As you get into specific fight prep you can fine tune the workouts. However, without the base of strength, power, and agility work you will be getting a small piece (although very potent compared to traditional workouts) of the overall picture.

Clint Lecher 06-19-2007 06:12 AM

Thanks Tom. That does make perfect sense. I have already started coming up with some routines (metcons) to try out, but i think I will in stay on track with the WOD until about 4 weeks out from my next fight (August 18th) and then during that time I will do a 2 day on one off, or 3 day on 1 off of :
ALL while keeping my current BJJ Schedule. Thanks for the input.

Gary Turner 06-19-2007 01:30 PM


I do crossfit style workouts to prepare me for my fights. We call it 'raw' training, mixing together plyometrics, balance, medicine ball work, sprint training, hill sprints, hill sprints carrying heavy kit, sand bags, sand bags, more sand bags, odd bits of shifting weight, sledge hammer work, tractor tyre work, calisthenics....oh, kinda the stuff thats here on crossfit!!

The big thing is to apply the crossfit principle to MMA. For example, you need to think about the duration of the rounds, the rest in between, the explosive nature of the flow and ebb of the fight, the mixture of aerobic and anerobic stress on the body, the flow through the requirements of relaxed explosive tension free fighting (stand up) mixed in with the constant and dynamic tension (grappling)....and always train an extra round to have 'one in the bag'.

When you do the workouts, try and do them balls out and 100% effort. (No such thing as 110%, 100% is the maximum!!!!) Think about the 5minute round durations, and set your session to these.

An example is to do Tabata's (stick it in google for the background!!) but vary the time to 5mins rather than 4. Choose a balls out exercise and go for it - fast and hard as you can!!! You should be doing a 'suicide', for example, where you nearly die doing it!

An example is what I did today. I trained first at lunch, it was a kickboxing session with my coach Andre, working technical ability, a few rounds of heavily inspected shadow box, some rounds of intense body box, then Thai pad work. After that always comes the pain...

We did a quick workout consisting of 20step ups onto a tractor tyre, holding an 8kg medicine ball at arms length, 10 woodchop and high jumps, 10 crocodiles, 10 Turkish stand ups, repeated twice.

Working balls out that was all that was needed to fatigue me big time! But you have to work 100%...

Then I did a load of filming this afternoon with Cage Rage, who are following the fighters giving some background on them. Part of my filming was in my home gym, and they asked me to show them on camera examples of conditioning work that I do in there. So I took my 35kg punch bag, and did a Tabata session (but for 5mins) of clean and press. It was hard to finish, because I went as fast as I could, as hard as I could...

So I think the best advice would be to have a look at what cross fit WOD's do, and all the other info on this site, and adjust that workouts to be specific to your task.

And enjoy!

Its strangely enjoyable collapsed on your back, dying, trying to catch breath, legs and body wobbling....knowing you've pushed yourself to the limit...


Clint Lecher 06-20-2007 08:57 AM

Thanks for all the advice Gary seems like you work really hard. So do you train MMA or Kickboxing? I thought that Tabata was just doing squats onto a medicine ball for rounds? I guess I was wrong haha. Can you explain what it is? And also what is a crocodile?

Gary Turner 06-21-2007 04:30 AM

Lol, yeah I work out hard....I'm into day four of my week's fight training and can't walk this morning lol....

I train MMA, kickboxing, boxing and Thai boxing across various sessions.

Current week is going like this:

Mon- 1hr grappling, 1.5hrs technical kickboxing, 1hrs kickboxing sparring

Tuesday - 1hr technical kickboxing and conditioning work, 20mins intense conditioning

Wednesday - 1hr grappling, 1.5hrs Thai boxing including sparring

Thursday - 1hr sparring, 1hr boxing padwork, 30mins conditioning weights

Friday - 1hr grappling, 1hr sparring, 30mins intense conditioning.

Tabata is taking an intense workout, ie. squats, or burpees, sprints, hill sprints - anything that will totally stress your body. You do 20seconds of balls out work, then rest 10 seconds, then repeat 8 times to equal 4mins of work. Tabata is a Japanese speed skating coach who decided to study what the most beneficial interval training was...stick 'what is tabata' into google and you'll find loads...

Tabatas done correctly are hell...but the satisfaction feeling afterwards is incredible...

'Crocodiles' are a pain for big fellas like me! Push up position, down and hold in a static position, then go forward walking on your hands and feet, but moving right hand and right leg first, then left hands and left leg, moving the hands and feet at the same hits a little different.

Hope this helps!

Tom Brose 06-21-2007 05:51 AM

Gary, I am always interested in your posts. You seem to fight, or be ready to fight quite often. Do you have a structured "periodized" approach, or just going like this 100% of the time.

Clint, to see why Gary works really hard check this link. W/F safe from Sherdog

Gary Turner 06-21-2007 11:17 AM

I posted earlier, I thought lol, but its not there so I'll try again...

Go to for a full fight record...they've kinda missed off just a wee bit on Sherdog!!!!!!

Tom, thanks for the interest. I train all the time, to the same durations and number of sessions, although the intensity reduces when not preparing for a fight, but I still have 1, 2 or 3 balls out sessions as part of my week's training every week, just in case I get a late call up...and that's happened to me alot! Its easy that way to maintain fitness.

But when I have a fight booked in, generally its a five week programme focusing on that event...

Week 5 - sparring, high work rate, high conditioning, working with my coaches to analyse opponent and work out what elements to focus on improving on.

Week 4 - as week 5, but stronger...

Week 3 - first of two balls out weeks where I wonder if I can make it out of bed in the morning...very, very high capacity...

Week 2 - like week 3 but even higher workrate...dying by now...

Final week - just short sharpening works, recovery sessions, rest, eating (!), carbing up ready for the event...only about 6x20mins workouts this week...

Week -1 - back in training for active recovery.

Hope this is of interst!

Clint Lecher 06-21-2007 04:47 PM

Wow Gary you certainly do have a hardcore workout program. Its tough for me to do all that much because im in college and work too. But right now in the summer my routine is pretty good. I train BJJ Tuesday-Thursday mornings and then go to the gym to do some additional cardio and a core workout. Then I box Monday nights, and do MMA Wednesday and Friday nights. I just started crossfit so im doing that every day in the evening now, but before i was just lifting weights. Its alot better then what most college kids do but its really hard come crunch time before a fight because i just cant devote all my time to it ya know. And because im not doing it for a living or anything I just have fun competing. I have another fight in August I hope to add a win to my record of 0-0-1. Im hoping crossfit helps get me there haha.

Gary Turner 06-22-2007 10:51 AM

Hi Clint!

In one year I competed at a kickboxing world championships, two ju-jitsu world championships, completed a degree, holding down a full time day job and also working security at a nightclub for three nights a week...

Ah, good ol' time management...

If you want to do it, you'll find a way! Looks like you're definately starting to find that way too...good luck in August!


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