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David Lauzurique 04-07-2013 06:40 PM

Snatch technique form. Please help
JUst recently started learning to snatch. Let me know how I'm doing and what I can do to better my form

(WFS) [url][/url]

Jeff Enge 04-07-2013 07:31 PM

Re: Snatch technique form. Please help
The problem isn't lack of shoulder mobility, the problem is that you aren't reaching anywhere near full hip extension, and then you are trying to catch the bar with your torso angled down so far, almost parallel to the ground, when it should be almost perpendicular.

Check out this set of stills: [url][/url] wfs

You are missing pretty much the first three photos at the bottom. Also notice how the bar is caught with the torso in an almost vertical position.

Blair Robert Lowe 04-07-2013 08:21 PM

Re: Snatch technique form. Please help
1. Do not pause the bar as it gets to the pocket. No need to. Accelerate from knee and pop your hips.

2. Do not move the bar around your knees. You'll hear "Push your knees back." Your knees go from bent to straight.

So, set your back, knees go from bent to straight till they are pass the knees. Accelerate and hips through (which you won't bump the bar if you are pulling the bar into your hips.).

3. A simple cue is think weight on the heels. It's not exactly all on the heels but it's just a verbal cue.

Joseph Smyth 04-07-2013 09:58 PM

Re: Snatch technique form. Please help
Definitely looks like you aren't opening up enough through your hips. One cue that always helps me is that when you open up, think of making your pecs face up at the ceiling. That really forces you to open the hips to get the chest up and then drop and catch.

Deb Weber 04-08-2013 02:19 PM

Re: Snatch technique form. Please help
You manage to get the bar by your hip crease, then you fling it overhead w/your arms and land in a kinda weird rdl position.

Your "bottom position" - you don't seem to have one. Your OHS only goes to parallel? with just a barbell?? I would work on that first.

Legs - calves, quads, hams, hip flexors, glutes, hips the whole lower body and low back; I would stretch the heck out of them. At the end of sessions I would spend time in the bottom position with the barbell across both knees - know that stretch? Its a good one. Go on mobilitywod to check out some hip and bottom position stretches.

Ryan Cogan 04-08-2013 05:23 PM

Re: Snatch technique form. Please help
No offense but what you are doing in that video isn't even remotely close to a snatch. You are not extending all the way, not even close. This is causing you to just pull the bar up overhead with your arms. Bar comes way far away from your area of base which will make it impossible to do with any weight. Little to no hip action in the movement. If you think about jumping, straight up, you will always be fully extended. Work on some jumping drills without the barbell and think about getting good hip extension. Broad jumps are a good tool I use for getting people to work on opening up the hips.
Also you said you thought there was some shoulder mobility issues. I don't think so at all. Your problem lies in bending too far forward in the overhead squat. This is probably caused by ankle and hip mobility. If you can get more mobile in those areas, it will be easier to get your torso more upright and there will be less stress on the shoulders. Look up some mobility wod stuff on hip and ankle mobility for the overhead squat.
edit: found this in your videos. [url][/url] (wfs) you get pretty good hip extension/ power in this clean.

Andrew Wiemken 04-08-2013 06:51 PM

Re: Snatch technique form. Please help
Yeah, you need to hit full extension. You're pulling with your arms from a forward-leaning torso. The arms only pull you UNDER the barbell when the weights are heavy enough to necessitate it. The hip extension is the whole point of the lift, that's what is going to move the barbell. Learn how do do a Muscle Snatch with the empty barbell. It forces you to open the hips and finish with the heels, coming to full hip extension.

There's no shoulder mobility problem. If anything, they're hypermobile. You shouldn't be comfortable with the bar overhead when your torso is so blatantly horizontal in the overhead squat (OHS). You can't support weight overhead like that with the arms stretched so far back. The OHS is just as upright as the Front Squat. I know from your recent Clean video that you were catching on your toes.

***This right here might be the most important point...Having a rock-solid Front Squat and UPRIGHT Back Squat is absolutely essential for learning the olympic lifts. You need to AUTOMATICALLY drop down into a knees-tracking-over-toes, upright squat where the hips are in line with the heels and shoulders. This isn't happening here at all. If you're Low-Bar Squatting, STOP now, because it is seriously messing up your mechanics. *****

You NEED to have a weightlifting shoe with a raised heel if you are going to seriously learn the Snatch. That's that. There's no way around it. You will not be able to get into proper OHS position with flat soles. No way. If you're going to seriously learn the lifts, do it right.

It's good that you're reaching out to the discussion board to do it right, but definitely watch videos and try to internalize correct form. The Clean video and this Snatch video are showing some unmanageable fundamental errors.

You got it dude.

Blair Robert Lowe 04-08-2013 07:55 PM

Re: Snatch technique form. Please help
Don't worry about working from below the knee for now. Just from the top of the knee.

Muscle snatch? Sure, so long as there isn't any emphasis on ankle dorsiflexion.

Snatch High Pull, yes. Doesn't even need to be the Chinese Snatch High Pull/Panda Pull. Just get the hips through and keep the bar close.

Andrew Wiemken 04-08-2013 08:56 PM

Re: Snatch technique form. Please help
[QUOTE=Blair Robert Lowe;1156749]

Muscle snatch? Sure, so long as there isn't any emphasis on ankle dorsiflexion.

Not sure what you mean here. The ankles obviously might plantarflex at the climax of the second pull, but I'm not getting how dorsiflexion could be emphasized. Not disagreeing, just confused.

I suggested the Muscle Snatch because it cues full hip extension well.

And yeah, Snatch Pulls are a great call for the same reason, they emphasize the second pull without the distraction of the third.

Desmond Pegrum 04-09-2013 12:30 AM

Re: Snatch technique form. Please help
Like everyone else, not reaching full hip extension stands out as the first main problem to fix

Try doing Snatch pulls first

then do a snatch pull followed by a power snatch

nicely filmed vid though

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