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Michelle Reichert 07-04-2008 10:28 PM

WOD Rx Again
Hi, I know this question has been asked before many a time but I have not really been able to get or find a straight forward answer. Are the WOD's random or are they prescribed with reasoning behind them? If so what is that reasoning? The reason i want to know is simply because I like to know why I am doing what I am doing. While I greatly appreciate the daily WOD's being provided and understand that they are only one example of crossfit programming, I think crossfit would be lot more understandable if WOD programming was explained, even if it was to simply say they are random while still ensuring the 4 crossfit fitness models are included. No disrespect is meant by this request.


Alex Europa 07-05-2008 12:48 AM

Re: WOD Rx Again
Yes, there is method to the madness. If you look at the WODs long term, you'll see that there are cycles were they are more pull-up intensive, or leg intensive, etc...

But beyond that, I think there is much deeper - hormonal - programming. Something that fluctuates volume and the Hormonal Fuctuation Model. I have no data or proof to back this up, it just seems like the description matches how the cycles work out.

Either way, I know that the results speak for themselves. Even if it WAS completely random, I would still look at the CrossFit elites and know that whatever happens in the Black Box works, which is more than enough for me.


Danielle Benford 07-07-2008 06:15 PM

Re: WOD Rx Again
You're the smartest guy I know ;) I want to possess your heart. No-stalker style. :love: 53 days!!

In all seriousness, you really do know your stuff. Thanks for being my long-distance coach :highfive: :notworth:

Christopher G. Woods 07-07-2008 06:38 PM

Re: WOD Rx Again
Really, it's both methodical and random. You can't get too specific when you're writing a continuous program for thousands of people. You have to vary the focus, keep it fresh, and simultaneously make it accesible for the newbies while keeping it challenging for the vets.

Michelle Reichert 07-07-2008 07:20 PM

Re: WOD Rx Again
Thanks Chrostopher for your input, whether it's random, methodical or both I just want to know for my own personal interest and curiosity.

Alex i was actually just reading about the hormonal Flustuation model in practical programming! I took your advice and can see what you mean by the cycles. I guess I was really wondering how someone would ensure they are covering all 10 of the fitness components when programming workouts say over week, month, year or whatever.

Thanks again for both your replies.

Alex Europa 07-08-2008 01:30 PM

Re: WOD Rx Again
[QUOTE=Michelle Reichert;345106] I guess I was really wondering how someone would ensure they are covering all 10 of the fitness components when programming workouts say over week, month, year or whatever.[/QUOTE]

Nearly every core movement of CrossFit emphasizes all 10 components to some degree (obviously some more-so than others). That's why they're the core movements. (And this is why you'll never see 21-15-9 Dumbell Curls and Leg Extensions for time:rofl:). A WOD like the 155-lbs C&J final Games event really slams home every aspect of fitness.

In my mind, as long as someone sticks with the tried and true exercises, they'll have the bases covered. Throw in a couple different rep schemes and time/task priority and ta-da! :kicking0:

But as stated before, I think the real benefit to following the mainsite programming is the stuff that happens behind the scenes; the hormonal stuff that won't just happen by throwing together random WODs everyday.

For the record (and despite Danielle's claims that I know some stuff), I'm pretty much just talking out of my butt. :shrug:

Dano, Switzerland will never be the same!:pepper:

- Alex

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