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Chris Stowe 08-27-2007 12:20 PM

Main page spam filter
This is a question to anyone that can help. Every day for the last two weeks or so that I have attempted to post in the main page comments section, it has been caught by the spam filter. I have even gone so far as to post with no caps, no abbreviations, no punctuation, or anything. I even tried to post the word test, and got caught by the spam filter. Can anyone tell me if they have been encountering the same problem, and if they have gotten it fixed. Thanks in advance for the help.

Lynne Pitts 08-27-2007 04:45 PM

Re: Main page spam filter
There's no explaining it, and likely no fixing it.

My standard reply/explanation on the situation:

We fairly recently switched from manually implemented filters to an automated system (Askimet).

Unfortunately, with the old filters (pretty much completely put in place and maintained by me) the system would explain what caused the post to be classed as spam. The new system does not provide any insight, and it also has a higher false positive AND false negative rate. The benefit to switching is, in my opinion, minimal to none, and I may switch us back to manually set filters. The ostensible gain is that it's pretty hands-off; askimet has a great success rate (although not for us).

Either you use innocuous words (wife, degree...) that the filters pick up, or something else in your posts sometimes gets them snatched. It may be your IP address is in the "blacklist" because a spammer operates (or operated) from that IP block.

I laugh my butt off at the paranoids who somehow think that there's a way to manually intercept comments between the time a poster hits "post" and the time it gets to the system. No way to see it, no way to catch them.

So, some slip through and get posted that shouldn't, and PLENTY of perfectly innocent, WOD-result-only, posts get snatched up. Like the nifty new "sorry you got caught" page says, please just be patient. I review posts as many times a day as work and life allow, and always get things squared away sooner or later.

Hope that helps somewhat...

Wayne Sauve 08-27-2007 07:17 PM

Re: Main page spam filter
Hey Chris

I have the same issue. But this only happens if I do it from work (Military). Does not happen on my home computer.


Chris Stowe 08-28-2007 03:32 AM

Re: Main page spam filter
that could be my problem, I do 95% of my posting from a military server, putting up my WOD results before I close up shop for the day and go home. I will try posting from my home computer. Thanks also Lynne for the response. I didnt figure there would be a quick fix, I was just curious as to the why.

Lynne Pitts 08-28-2007 03:05 PM

Re: Main page spam filter
I contacted the folks who make our current filters, and they're going to look into it.

Chris, I'd be curious if, next time you post, you don't put in your .mil email address.

I'm wondering if the filters are keying on .mil (bad) or on IP addresses (also not good).

I can't post from work to test it, but would be interested to see what happens.

Chris Stowe 08-29-2007 10:04 AM

Re: Main page spam filter

I did just that last night, and posted to the main page comments from my home computer with no problems. So, apparantly the .mil server is considered bad or something. No biggie, I just liked to post as soon as I was done working out before I left for the day. It can wait 1/2 hour when I get home. Thanks for the help all!

Chris Stowe 08-29-2007 10:06 AM

Re: Main page spam filter
Oh, and Lynne, I dont put in my .mil address when I post from my work computer. I put my home email in the box when I am filling it out, so it may just be that its coming from a military server? Or maybe just my military server. I dunno, but it worked when I did it on my home computer last night.

Lynne Pitts 08-29-2007 03:01 PM

Re: Main page spam filter
Hi Chris,
Thanks for the data points. I'm still waiting to hear back from the spam-filter guy, and in the meantime, feel free to post from work. I review all the spam (blech!) and post the legit stuff, so other than the delayed gratification of seeing it live, you wouldn't have to remember to do it from home.

If we don't crack the code on this, I'm probably going to switch away from Akismet. We are getting way too many false positives with them lately.

Chris Stowe 08-30-2007 04:05 AM

Re: Main page spam filter
No worries Lynne. Thanks for answering so quickly, and as always, thanks for helping manage the amazing resource that is Its VERY appreciated by all of us the work all of you moderators do for the site. Thanks again.:thanx:

Lynne Pitts 08-30-2007 03:31 PM

Re: Main page spam filter
Thanks! Will keep fighting the spam fight...

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