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Mark Ervi 11-14-2008 08:44 AM

Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
I have been Crossfitting for 13 months. I am 53 years old, and I am interested in the experiences and performance of other over 50 athletes involved with Crossfit. I try to do the main WOD daily, but often make a variety of substitutions. I am currently participating in a 100 Burpee challenge with some other folks from Crossfit Jenks in Oklahoma. Today we are doing 48 burpees. I am hopeful that other over 50's will post their daily workouts here so we can compare and encourage. I have not worked out today. Here are my workouts for the past few days:
Did CFWUx3 w/ 44 burpees (15, 15, 14)
Ran 400m
Rowed for 2 minutes

Did 30 C&J w/80lbs. in 13:47

Warmed up w/ 3x15 squats, sit-ups, push-ups, burpees
Ran 2 miles on the road in 18:37

Did CFWUx3 w/46 burpees (16, 15, 15)

Did Squat Cleans

Did Shoulder Press
3x95lbs. (5 sets)
Ran 400m
Rowed for 2 minutes

Warmed up w/15 squats, sit-ups, girl push-ups
Did 16 Burpees
Did another 15 squats, sit-ups, and regular push-ups
Did 16 Burpees and then set of 15 Burpees
Total Burpees = 47
This was a REST DAY, but I had to get in my burpees.

Mark Ervi 11-14-2008 08:46 AM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Just celebrating being on the board.

Stephen Smith 11-14-2008 10:12 AM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
You have a few years on me, (and a few months of crossfitting!), but welcome to the logs anyway! Be careful with that burpee challenge though, man! That can hurt you...

Stephen R. Lampl 11-14-2008 06:08 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In

Welcome!! I am also over 50 (58 in two + weeks), am in my 10th week of CF, and am having a blast!

Great job on your burpee challenge and WO! Looking forward to reading your posts here!

Mark Ervi 11-14-2008 09:29 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Warmed up w/3x10 squats, 3x15 sit-ups, assisted pull-ups and dips, and 48 burpees (16, 16, 16)

100 squats
5 pull-ups
5 dips
75 squats
10 pull-ups
10 dips
50 squats
15 pull-ups
15 assisted dips
25 squats
20 pull-ups
20 assisted dips
My time: 30:15

Stephen R. Lampl 11-15-2008 12:02 AM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
[U][B]Friday, 11/14/08[/B][/U][B]:

[/B][I][B]Warm up: Stationary Cycling.
[/B]20:00 / L3 (4 min) / L5 (16 min) / 5.7 miles / 100 RPM / HR max 117
[B]Stretching - especially targeting the hamstrings. [/B]Approx. 15 min.
[B]Jump Rope:
Singles:[/B] 2:00. Tripped a few times, but getting much more fluid.
[B]Double-under practice: [/B]1:00. Each attempt stopped the rope. Oh well.....
[B]"Strength jumping?" - 25 X 8 [/B](2 pound rope). 30 sec rests between sets.

[B]WOD: "Fran"
[/B]21-15-9 Reps for Time
95# Thrusters

Scaled to "Fran Lite"
21-15-9 Reps for Time
45# Thrusters
Jumping Pull-ups
Time = 5:01
[/B]This is my first time doing Fran. Figured, if I could try a BW version of it, I should attempt the real thing, although scaled. I should probably have used 65# instead of 45#. The suck factor was definitely there (hard work!), but I think I should have pushed a bit harder and worked with the additional weight.

[B]Med Ball Cleans:
20# X 10 X 3[/B] Great for form (boy, do I need the work!). I was hitting about 33%.........YUK.

[B]Pull-ups: 3 + 2 (uh) + 1
Weighted Chins: 15# 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 (all uh grip).
Un-weighted: 2 + 2 + 2 + 1 + 1 (all uh grip).
Total: 19.

Hamstring Rehab:
PVC Good Mornings: 25 X 3. [/B]Last rep of third set, felt something pull in R/hamstring (one I suffered L2 tear with in 2000). Felt a bit different than L/leg - - possibly an old adhesion which broke loose. Rehabbing both hams now......:yikes:[/I]

Mark Ervi 11-15-2008 06:47 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Out of town w/no Oly weights.
Warmed up w/2 rounds of 15 squats, sit-ups, push-ups.
Did 50 burpees in 5:45 (only needed to 49 for Burpee Challenge today, but wanted to get a 50 Burpee time.)
Did 10 sets of 10 reps shoulder press w/20lb. dumbells

On high school track ran 6 rounds of 400m. Rested 2 mins. between each 400.
My times: 2:09, 1:55, 1:53, 1:54, 2:07, 1:55.

Did 2 sets of 10 pull-ups.

Stephen, sorry to hear you may be injured. You were wise to start Fran w/light weights. I have been crossfitting over a year, and I am still only using 70lbs., and best time is over 9 mins.

Stephen R. Lampl 11-16-2008 12:39 AM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In

Nice work, especially for being away from your normal WO place. Definitely can put a crimp in one's WOs!

Great run times and burpee work. Burpees suck, and yet you [U]screamed[/U] thru 50 of them! Whoa, Dude! Simply inspirational!

Thanks about the hamstring. I luckily am not too badly off. I believe that I suffered a release of some adhesions from the injury in 2000. Pain is minimal and response to exercise/rehab is excellent.

Stephen R. Lampl 11-16-2008 12:40 AM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
[U][B]Saturday, 11/15/08[/B][/U][B]:


Stationary Cycling.[/I][/B][I] 10:00 / L3 /100 RPM / 2.6 mi / HR = 100.

[B]Note: [/B]Got my second half flu shot yesterday. Feeling it today - - definitely a bit off and outta energy. Took it easy today.

[B]Rowing Rudiments/Training.
[/B]Approx. 15 min. Worked on stroke form and power; maximizing output and number of strokes per min. Tried different damper settings at different stroke rates. Adjusted my positioning and travel along the rail - - was allowing seat to hit my heels on each return.
WOD: Row 5K at Mod/Hard intensity. Damper @ 7.5.
Time = 22:21. [/B]Average times per 500m, 2:10 to 2:15 (was 2:25 - 2:30 before stroke adjustments). Tried sprinting last 500m at less than 2:00 per 500 rate. Could only get 250m, but held rate of 1:56 - 1:58!

[B]GTG Pull-ups (Both grips)
2 + 2 + 1 + 1 + 2 (side grip) + 2 + 1 + 2 = 13. [/B]Really tired today!

[B]Hamstring Rehab (per Coach Rip's Program)
BS 45# X 25 X 3.

Lat Press Downs [/B](Straight arms, start at shoulder height, press down to legs without bending arms).
[B]WU 35# X 15
50# X 5
57.5 X 5
65 X 5
72.5 X 2 (F3)[/B][/I]

Mark Ervi 11-16-2008 09:07 AM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Stephen, great rowing work. My gym has a C2 rower, but the computer/monitor/whatever is usually broken, and I have never figured out where the damper setting is despite having researched that. So when I row, it is usually just 2 minutes of rowing, 4 minutes of rowing, and I have no idea if I am going far or fast. I just figure pushing hard for 2 minutes puts me in the neighborhood of a 500m row.

Glad your injury is coming along well. I have had few injuries doing Crossfit. Everything has usually healed well. I have some chronic problems with the achilles band from the bottom of my calf to the top of my heel. Usually flares up when I do much road running or much distance. So, I never go more than a 5k, and usually stick to much less. Treadmill running is definitely easier on it, and sometimes I get on the bike like you.

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