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Tim Babcock 05-20-2015 03:21 PM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain
10 kbs 35, 45, 53#
5 strict pull ups
5 burpees
3 rounds

10 minute EMOM
odd 10 pull ups
even 10 goblet squats 20, 35, 45, 53, 53#

1.58 mile run
Very enjoyable.

JT Kalnay 05-20-2015 04:53 PM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain
Tuesday May 19, 2015

Did a little walking, my hip/back/butt hurt a lot, so I stopped.

Wednesday May 20, 2015

Coached basketball (which mainly consisted of pointing my finger and passing the basketball to free throw shooters)

Tim Babcock 05-21-2015 03:22 PM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain
2 problems
10 push ups
10 external rotations w/2.5#
5 rounds

Worked on a couple of harder problems for about 15 minutes.

E2MOM for 20 minutes
1 campus lap
10 push ups

A few band assisted bar muscle ups.

Had my follow up appointment with the sports medicine doctor. Still have significant weakness when externally rotating my left arm. I will soon have an EMG and MRI to map out a course of action. He said to keep training as tolerated.

JT Kalnay 05-21-2015 03:42 PM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain
@Tim, sorry to hear about the results of the follow up...

Thursday May 21, 2015

Back/Butt/Leg/Hip felt pretty good this morning.
Bent over to tie my shoe.
Back/Butt/Leg/Hip didn't feel so good anymore (e.g., fell to the floor shrieking in pain, would have called 911 if I could have reached my phone). After about ten minutes I managed to crawl to where I could grab the counter and pull myself up. While standing up my back "cracked" and the pain subsided. Double dosed Tylenol the rest of the day. Had cramps in the afflicted area the rest of the day but seem to be okay now. It's been pretty awful.

Tim Babcock 05-22-2015 05:06 PM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain
1.58 mile run

15 air squats
2 muscle ups
10 rounds

JT Kalnay 05-22-2015 06:24 PM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain
Friday May 22, 2015

Back/hip/butt/leg felt pretty good today.
Had a nice walk.

Tim Babcock 05-23-2015 12:28 PM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain
Climbed at Hinckley with Jeff today. JT joined us for some hiking.
17 laps spread out on Banana, Snoopy, and Crack top ropes.
Good to see Jeff and hang out with the guys.
Beautiful day!

JT Kalnay 05-23-2015 01:08 PM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain
Saturday May 23, 2015

Perfect spring weather. Went over to Hinckley to hang out with rock climber friends and do some hiking. Might work on my bike a little and go for a ride this evening.

Tim Babcock 05-24-2015 09:37 AM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain
2 problems
3 TGUs 35, 45, 53, 61, 72#
5 rounds

1 set of "Rock Prodigy" Hangboard Workout.

JT Kalnay 05-24-2015 01:49 PM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain
Sunday May 24, 2015

A good visit to the SoP.
Back/butt/hip/leg feeling better. Not 100%, but much better.
Did a variety of easy movements including goblet squat hold, ring rows, hanging from the bar, pushups on the knees, strict presses with 11# bar, upright rows, curls, slow muscle snatches with 11# bar, slow C&J with 11# bar. Then, this afternoon, went for a nice bike ride:

followed by a 2 mile walk.

If my back is still good tomorrow, after all this, I think things are looking up.

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