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Michael Holmes 04-02-2008 06:15 AM

Mike's Training Log (continued from CF Manchester)
Since the CF Manchester message board closed to avoid duplicating information on here, I am going to start logging my workouts on here.
Ideally I would post up all my previous workouts from when I started my log, but until I figure out how to do that I'll post from now

Michael Holmes 04-02-2008 06:18 AM

Re: Mike's Training Log (continued from CF Manchester)
28th March 2008
Split Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

[B]90kg PB[/B]
95kg F

5 x 150kg

BB Bench
90kg x 4

Michael Holmes 04-02-2008 06:19 AM

Re: Mike's Training Log (continued from CF Manchester)
29th March 2008
No FGB for me (not enough space or equipment available at my big box gym)
So, 5 rounds for time of:
5 Ring L Pull Ups
5 Hang Power Cleans 60kg
5 Floor Wipers 60kg
5 Thrusters 40kg
5 Burpees

20.00 on the dot

very tough and very sweaty

Michael Holmes 04-02-2008 06:28 AM

Re: Mike's Training Log (continued from CF Manchester)

Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of:
95 pound Thruster

[B]7.23 PB[/B]

first time with 40 kg BB thrusters and still took 5 seconds off my PB with 15kg DBs

Michael Holmes 04-02-2008 06:35 AM

Re: Mike's Training Log (continued from CF Manchester)
1st April 2008
Four rounds, each for time of:
800 meter run

2.55, 3 mins rest,
3.06, 3 mins rest,
3.07, 4 mins rest,

haven't got access to a proper track so used the small one inside my gym which is about 130m long (i know that 6 x 130 isn't 800, but it's plenty far enough with the tight bends)

Weighted Deadhang Pull Ups (DB held between the knees :thumbs_do

3 x 14kg DB
3 x 18kg DB
3 x 22kg DB
2 x 26kg DB (just couldn't get my chin over the bar for love nor money on the third rep)

not a huge fan of running, but didn't seem like i was actually in the gym for that long

Michael Holmes 04-02-2008 03:56 PM

Re: Mike's Training Log (continued from CF Manchester)
2nd April 2008

Five rounds for time of:
30 Glute-ham sit-ups
25 Back extensions


BB Bench Press (finding a 1RM)
60kg x 5
80kg x 3
90kg x 1
100kg x 1
105kg x 1
110kg F

Buddy Workout
Heavy Punch Bag (I'll weigh the damn thing tomorrow) C+ J

so i C + J the bag for 12 reps while he skipped then change so i skipped while he did 12 C + J..............he did 3 C+J while i skipped

14 minutes and change

Michael Holmes 04-03-2008 05:42 AM

Re: Mike's Training Log (continued from CF Manchester)
3rd April 2008
Box Front Squat SS Box Jump 101 cm
5 squats - 3 jumps
80kg x 5
85kg x 5
87.5kg x 5
90kg x 5

Michael Holmes 04-04-2008 09:03 AM

Re: Mike's Training Log (continued from CF Manchester)
4th April 2008
left hamstring pulled after squatting and jumping aggravated the mild strain from the back extensions on the 2nd - not fun at all since i now move with all the style and grace of someone needing a zimmer frame!
not to worry though, time to 'work wounded'

5 rounds of:-
Max reps BW bench press 85kg
Max deadhang pull ups
7 - 9
7 - 8
7 - 8
9 - 7
5 - 7
Total = 69

followed up with tabata arnold presses using 6kg DBs - a slightly humbling experience. rounds scores:-
10, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 7 for a total of 68

Michael Holmes 04-06-2008 01:06 PM

Re: Mike's Training Log (continued from CF Manchester)
6th April
Missed the WOD due to a coaching course out in the snow all day so was well and truly ****ed off and cold when I got to the gym and got a mate to write something up for me. He came up with
Shoulder Press 36kg
Deadhang Pull Up
Ring Dips (changed to press ups half way through 20 as I had no energy :mad:)
Sit Ups (feet anchored)

very slow, very painful and no energy - having a pulled hamstring really ****es me off and limits what i can do!

Michael Holmes 04-10-2008 12:21 AM

Re: Mike's Training Log (continued from CF Manchester)
8th April
Recovering from a sore hammy and read the stuff by Rippetoe and Starr who recommend working it when it's less sore and get the movement patterns back in so devised a leg circuit at low weights to get it movnig again.
Then did Death by Pull Up
13 rounds + 10 [B]PB[/B]

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