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Laura Head 09-22-2006 10:14 AM

Wanted to know if anyone had previously outlined their initial eval of new clients and then outlined their activities for the next several private training sessions before feeding that person into a CF group class. For instance, Session #1-warm up, suat eval and teaching, low intensity WOD; Session #2-etc? Does my question make sense? I know all the basics are published in the journal and I have read those. I am looking for a systematice sequence to progress w/ new clients (potentially new to CF) to follow. Thanks, Laura

Kenneth Urakawa 09-22-2006 04:21 PM

I know this has been covered before, but I couldn't find it in my exhaustive 5 seconds of searching...

Laura Head 09-23-2006 03:11 AM

Kenneth, I searched "initial eval" and came up w/ some dialog that pretty much met what I was looking for. Thanks for the quick reply. Laura

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