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Scott Parker 02-21-2003 12:52 PM

o.k.- so this question might be a little wierd, but i'm curious as always! is there a chance that your body becomes more sensitive/allergic to certain foods after following a paleo diet over time?

i am asking this question because last week at work i popped a handful of golden rasins in my mouth and about a minute later felt my throat start to close and had a little trouble breathing. i thought, hey, that's wierd! so i waited about 45 minuted til the symptoms were gone and did it again just to see what would happen. same thing. did it a third time just to make sure (yeah, i'm not the brightest person, right?!) and the same thing! i've been eating rasins forever and have never had these reactions (also thought it may be the result of a preservative on the fruit). it's wierd because currants are o.k.

now this is the part that really bums me out! i woke up with the same feeling after 2 pints of guiness last night! (haven't had guiness in months because i've been trying to be strict about the diet, but now that i'm around 5.5% bf i said what the hell!) please don't tell me that i'm allergic to guiness as well!

i do have asthma (more allergy induced than exercise) that is very well controlled and haven't had any problems in like 8 years. it never bothers me when i'm working out, hiking, climbing, etc. i take singulair once a day, and never have to use an inhaler.

eventhough i felt this way this morning, i didn't really have any trouble with todays WOD and breathing.

i know this post is REALLY off the wall, but my doctor probably won't be any help and was just curious what others thought!



Janet Fisher 02-21-2003 05:29 PM

Any chance the raisins were from an inorganic (and thus chemically treated source)?

I kinda had the opposite reaction. A few years ago I developed an allergy to apples. After 4 days on "The Liver Cleansing Diet" (essentially paleo but with grains and beans), I could eat apples without an allergic reaction anymore.

Robert Wolf 02-21-2003 06:21 PM

Could be yeast...Or as Janet suggests a chemical sensitivity. Food sensitivities and allergies start getting into a kind of voodoo land....There are some commonalities. yeast, grains, legumes, dairy all can have a disruptive effect on the GI tract (look up celiac and permeable gut syndrome). Common results of this include chronic fatigue, depression, asthma autoimmunity....a bunch of things and the confusing thing about it is that it manifests differently in diffeent people (IMO). This is part of why Medical science gives this stuff a wide clearence....the direct etiology is simply not is not a direct pathogen/pathology scenario.

I am not a doctor but I would avoid anything which elicits this often becomes more sensitive over time and exposure.

Scott Parker 02-22-2003 01:00 AM

well, what i thought was a reaction to the guiness is actually a case of the flu or some sort of nasty cold. it it me in less than a day. it's 3am and i can't sleep, have a fever, and feel like ****. hey, at least it's not a beer allergy - now that would be a real shame! the rasins are a different story. i'll just stay away from the little buggers!



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