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Colin McLafferty 05-26-2009 12:16 PM

Re: Thank you for not smoking
Hey Drew,

Congratulations on your progress with the cigarettes. I haven't experienced the pangs of quitting myself, but my mother quit for about three years, started again, then quit again. So I know it can be tough. You're doing pretty well on those WODs as a starter, too. Kudos for powering through after puking. Barbara has a tendency to make people do that..the consensus is it has something to do with the full three minutes of rest. Keep going strong.

Elizabeth Terris 05-26-2009 12:24 PM

Re: Thank you for not smoking
Great job on quitting the cancer sticks! As a former smoker, I know how damn hard it is. Nice Barbara! She is evil.

Drew Daddio 05-28-2009 12:05 PM

Re: Thank you for not smoking
Thanks for the encouragement, it's 19 days with no smokes and I'm feeling great. I've stopped coughing up random amounts of mucus in the lungs.

10 X KB Swings - 30 LB single armed
10 X KB Snatch - 30 LB single armed
5 X Hang snatch - 45 LBs
3 X 65LB
1 X 85LB
1 X 85LB (fail)
1 X 85LB (Ugly)


ME Thrusters
1 X 95
1 X 115
1 X 135
1 X 155
1 X 175 (Squat - good / press - Fail)
1 X 165 (Squat - good / press - Fail)
1 X 160

PR: 160

I was using a step, to let myself know I was at the bottom, and when I stayed at the bottom for a second (5/6 attempt) I failed the press

I did the thrusters with a below parallel squat. I realized after the 160 that I need to squat down and explode up. Use the coming up from the squat as power for the press.

Looking from my Crossfit Total shoulder press at 115, why is there a 45 lb difference between the two? The squat up from the thruster couldn't make that big of a difference. I don't think I cheese dicked the CFT, well I guess I'll have to wait till I do it again.

Drew Daddio 05-29-2009 02:42 PM

Re: Thank you for not smoking
I checked the main site WOD last night and my first reaction was to say, "nope not doing it".
Although to replace the cigarette, I put a straw in my mouth and sucked it up this afternoon.

10 X KB Swing - 30 Lbs single armed
10 X KB Snatch - 30 Lbs single armed
5 X 45Lb hang clean
5 X 135lb power clean

Need to work on the jerk, tried a jerk with the first power clean and failed because I didn't lock out the arms/shoulder. Also, tried to fix it mid jerk and it could have been really bad, should have just dropped it.

120 bar Pullups
120 bar Dips
For time
12:30 halfway through at 60/60
28.39 Finish

Did it sets of 4/4 pullups/dips. First 30 pullups were done pretty strict, the next 40 were jumping, and the last 50 were jumping and ugly. Dips well I just powered through, I'm sure they got higher and higher as I went along. We'll see how I do next time.

*Also, I tore up my palms on the same spot on the both hands. It's funny cause its symmetrical to me at least

Drew Daddio 05-30-2009 10:34 AM

Re: Thank you for not smoking
Disappointing, embarrassing day today...

10 X KB Swings - 30Lbs each arm
5 X Hang Snatch - 45Lbs
5 X Hang Snatch - 65Lbs
1 X hang snatch - 95LBs (ugly, work on the pull form after with a broom stick)
1 X hang snatch - 95Lbs (FAIL, didn't lock the shoulder and push out the neck)
1 X hang snatch - 95LBS (Good)

Subbed wall ball with barbell thruster

10:12 - DNF
Did 1 round and when I got to thrusters, my shoulders felt like they were tearing up so I cut them short. Did round 2 400 Meters and called it quits. Very disappointed in myself... rested for a few minutes and decided to do a 400Meters and another 30 jumps.

I felt sluggish this morning, yesterdays WOD kicked my *** and I guess I'm still feeling the effects. I'll take it easy today, tomorrows the rest day, see how I feel on monday.

Matt Thacker 05-31-2009 06:01 PM

Re: Thank you for not smoking
Keep up the good work. Quiting smoking is a big deal!

Drew Daddio 06-01-2009 11:40 AM

Re: Thank you for not smoking
Thanks for the inspiration Matt.

I'm really glad that I started this log because:
A) Ive been really tempted to smoke but didn't want to disappoint myself by having to write that I did in the log
B) I finished today's WOD with a motivator that I didn't want to write that I DNF'ed 2 days in a row.

Front Press*:
5 X 45 Lbs
5 X 65 Lbs
5 X 95 Lbs

Back Squat:
5 X 95 Lbs
5 X 135 Lbs
5 X 185 Lbs

Dead Lift:
5 X 185
5 X 225
5 X 275

I did a CFT warmup with the final sets all about 10 - 20 lbs below the max. I don't know why, it just sorta ended up that way. Although during the 65/95 lbs front press, I felt a sharp pain in my shoulders when I pressed the weight up. I think I'm going to take a few days off of any pressing movements. Maybe stretch more, see how it feels in a few days.

Erin (scaled)
5 Rounds for time
9 X DB split cleans 40 Lbs
15 X Pullups
Time: 24:59

If I knew this was a Hero WOD I wouldn't have scaled it. I want to do all of the Hero's as RX'd, no matter the time.
Round 2: I was totally gassed, heavy breathing and all that
Round 4: Regained my breath but my muscles were telling me to quit.
Round 5: I finished and had to lay down with the world spinning for 10 minutes.

Drew Daddio 06-02-2009 12:06 PM

Re: Thank you for not smoking
Snatch Balance
5 X 45 Lbs
5 X 65 Lbs
3 X 95 Lbs

Hang Snatch
5 X 45 Lbs

5 X 95
5 X 135
5 X 155
5 X 165
2 X 175 (Both Fail)

165 is a new PR. It felt good to do the cleans, and gave me some confidence after the last few WODs kicking my ***

Drew Daddio 06-03-2009 11:21 AM

Re: Thank you for not smoking
Hang power clean / front squat / front press
3 X 45
3 X 65
3 X 95
3 X 115
3 X 135

1287 meters Run
10 - Weighted Pullups (20Lbs)
1287 meters Run
20 Strict Pullups
1287 meters Run
30 Kip/jump pullups

Run 1: 6:13
Pullups 1: 8:17
Run 2: 16:10
Pullups 2: 20:00
Run 3: 28:52
Done: 33:54

I took a few seconds to write down the times.

Also, I'm a big dummy, theres no track by the pullup bars, so I lengthed out .8 with my car odometer. On the drive home I realized that my car does not follow the metric system.

I feel better now with the run times. During the WOD, I was wondering why I was taking so long to run 800 meters.

Drew Daddio 06-05-2009 05:10 PM

Re: Thank you for not smoking

Rest Day - I had a dream that I was chain smoking cigarettes. I woke up with a jolt and didn't know whether it was a dream or not. After realizing my mouth did not taste like an ashtray I went back to sleep.


Hang Snatch then Overhead Squat
5 X 45
5 X 65
5 X 75

ME Deadlift
1 X 225
1 X 275
1 X 295
1 X 315
1 X 335
1 X 345
1 X 355

355 NEW PR
Destroyed the old record of 295, that I did 15 days ago. I don't think it's that I've gained so much more strength in 2 weeks, I think it's that I have alot more confidence from the rest of the WODs, deadlifts don't look so scary after doing Erin, Barbara, and ME Thrusters.

15 days ago I looked at 295 on the bar and was like "whoa that's super heavy looking". Today I looked at 355 and thought, "How much more till I break 400?"

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