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Ben Allen 07-16-2007 02:26 PM

I have always eaten a pretty poor diet. Especially since I was about 17 ( I am now 25). It would not be unusual for me to eat takeaways and fast food 5 days a week. I dont eat breakfast and sometimes dont eat anything till about 2 pm when I will eat a massive amount of fast food and then eat nothing again for about 7 hours.

I dont consider myself fat (about 13% - 15% at 5'11" and 84kg and if I train hard I have been down to 12%), but I saw a photo of myself the other day and realised I have to do something. It's not just about the look but I am getting concerned about my overal health.

So I am givin the zone diet a go, and I do well eating lots of veg and lean meats until the evening when I seem to get really bad headaches and crave crappy food. So I go and pig out and my headache goes. The only thing is because the cravings are so bad and I pig out so much I am probably eatin worse food than I was before.

I could cope with the cravings but when i get headaches etc I wonder if its actually doing me any good.

could anyone let me know if it is normal to feel this way when you change your eating habits, and how long will it last.

Thanks, and sorry for the long post.

Jeff Evans 07-16-2007 05:30 PM

I'm not an expert (just started paleo about 3 months ago), but it may be that you're not getting enough energy, and that's causing your cravings. What diet are you trying to follow exactly? If it's paleo you may want to consider eating more fat. Veggies and lean meat are great but fat will be an important energy source. Someone else will have to chime in for Zone.

Craig Van De Walker 07-16-2007 08:24 PM

It could be withdrawals from crappy food.

Similar to stopping drugs or alcohol when you are addicted.

I have just the opposite, I have eaten pretty good for a long time and when I pig out on pizza etc I feel like crap and have a "foodover" (instead of a hangover) the next morning.

I have heard of others cleaning up from bad eating and they felt pretty bad as well.

Becca Borawski 07-16-2007 09:07 PM

Ben - it took me four tries to make a successful go at the Zone. The first three attempts I was completely miserable. I was starving, in a horrible mood, and having migraines all the time on top of it. I was convinced that nothing that made me feel THAT horrible could actually be good for me.

A few weeks ago I gave it a 4th try and it's like night and day. No mood shifts, no headaches that I would attribute to the diet, and while I'm still hungry all the time, it's not the same ravenous feeling as the previous times.

What I credit this different to is this -- every time I tried the Zone and failed, I would still improve my diet a little bit as a result. I switched to all organic foods after one attempt, I gave up all starchy food after the third attempt, etc. So by the time I tried it this 4th time, there was less of a drastic change in my diet and therefore less of a "withdrawl" effect.

My advice -- either stick out the withdrawl, or give the Zone another shot in a few months, spending the time inbetween making some changes to your diet and getting "clean" -- then worry about the amounts and ratios when you give the Zone a second try.

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George Mounce 07-16-2007 09:51 PM

Add good fat! Eat about 3 times what is recommended for the zone.

I eat 17 blocks of protein and carbs a day.

I eat 51 blocks of fat a day. My snacks are normalized for the zone, my main meals (4 blocks) have 15 block of fat at each of them.

I've lost 20 pounds doing this, I'm currently at 7% body fat, my WOD times continue to go down and I always have energy. You will hear it a million times on here. Fat isn't the enemy.

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