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Michael Holmes 09-29-2008 02:36 AM

don't listen to your friends!
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i'll start the story on a hapy note. last saturday i played the full 80 minutes of a rugby game with some friends against the lymphoma charity XV, after this we all went out for some refreshments and suitably refreshed i arrived home in the early hours of the morning
sunday came and i felt like death from drinking but my body felt fine in terms of aches and pains - thanks crossfit, i'll credit you with that
so i get a call from my mate who says that anyone expecting to play 1st team this week is due in the gym today
so i ran the 3 - 4 miles to the gym and started feeling good, did some power cleans and was feeling strong (also PR'ed squat clean with 80kg)
onwards to incline DB presses (haven't done these for over a year) fist 2 sets of 6 with 32.5kg DBs were fine so my 'mate' took them off me and presented me with the 37.5kg pair
the set of 6 went fine, and i stood up to rack them instead of dropping them and waiting. here comes the pain, i managed to put my lef tmiddle finger on the edge of the rack and the weight of the DB on it. this wasn't good, i could tell it was bad straight away and grabbed it told my friend i needed a hostal and ended up in an ambulane on nitric oxide and air for the pain followed by morphine
on monday i had surgery to clean it up and see if the could save it- happily they could but i could feel him stitching the nailbed onto my bone and then was kept in overnight again to keep me full of morphine
i thnk it's healing nicely now, but i'm to stay away from anything that gets my pulse up
so my solution is lots of foam roller work and 5 pistols on each leg each time i go to the toilet
(see attached pics for gruesome details)
and don't liten to you non-crossfitting mates when they try to get you to do their exercises - it'll only end badly
long story over

Stephen Smith 09-29-2008 09:10 AM

Re: don't listen to your friends!
Yeah, that's pretty well pulverized... Good that they managed to salvage everything. It's amazing the toll that a moment of inattention can extract from you. :( I'm still nursing my dislocated elbow, but I plan on hitting full CF again this week! Take my advice and take this as an opportunity to take a rest, allow your body to devote resources to healing.

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