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Matt Cruz 01-14-2015 01:43 PM

COPD and CrossFit
I have a client who wants private sessions but has COPD. It scares me a little bit because of the nature of the illness. Has anyone had anything like this before? I figured I could keep him more to body weight and exercises focused more on muscle fatigue then high cardio. Or is this way over my head?

Sean Rockett 01-18-2015 06:52 AM

Re: COPD and CrossFit
Go very slowly with this person depending on the severity of COPD. Someone can have a mild case which does not hinder their exercise terribly or can have significant trouble with exercise. Exercise and strength training is a great way to help patients with COPD. A good way to figure out severity of the condition is to ask if they get short of breath climbing a set of stairs or walking a city block. Have them check in with their doctor as well if there are any issues.

Helen M Brennan 04-04-2015 06:34 PM

Re: COPD and CrossFit
this article may be a good start

( family and workplace safe)


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