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Brian Wolf 06-12-2006 09:55 AM

Howdy All,

I'm an MMA fan and came across crossfit via the sport.

I have tried a couple workouts, but the Crossfit recommended warm up is killing me. I mean that I can barely complete the warm ups, let alone try to do additional exercises.

Is this correct for the recommended warmup?

3 X

Samson Stretch
10 - 15 Overhead Squats
10 - 15 Situps
10 - 15 Hamstring Extensions (Goodmornings for me)
10 - 15 Pullups (assisted with bands for me)
10 - 15 Dips


1) Should I just do the warmup alone for a while?
2) Should I do this (and WOD is possible) everyday, my traditional workout background was resistance training every other days?


Anthony Bainbridge 06-12-2006 10:57 AM

Like everything else, scale it to your ability and slowly add reps/resistance as your work capacity increases.

And welcome! If you train in mma, you are going to love the benefits of Crossfit.

John Hoffner 06-12-2006 01:43 PM

I started with just the warm up for about 3 weeks. I'd run or bike after, just the same type of work-outs I used to do before CF. After a few weeks your body will adapt, dips/pull ups get easier, these basic warm ups are like MMA drills, they allow your body to develop the muscle memory it needs to start harder movements like the clean and jerk or snatch. As to fatigue, you adapt by progressing gradually, scale the WOD to your ability and substitute exercises you can't do or don't understand fully. Utilize the FAQ and readboard, the search function is your best bet, as most things we as newbies need help with have recieved expert advice which is still available if you search the messages.
Overall, best of luck, you're on your way to a greater fitness level than you've previously enjoyed.

Brian Wolf 06-12-2006 03:29 PM

Thanks for the info!

Fiona Muxlow 06-13-2006 05:21 AM

Hi Brian Welcome
It took me about over 6 months to complete the "Offical" warm up as recommended.
Mind you there was a dislocated shoulder involed mid way.And i couldn't do any pull ups when i started.
In the mean time i scaled, modified, and sub'd.
Now Im trainig people i often start them on the "Warm up" as their inital few workouts.
Master the skills of the warm up as they are the fundamentals but don't get stuck on just doing the "offical warm up" vary it, change the order, use pushups rather than dips, boxjumps rather than squats.Add in some 400-800m runs or rowing or try some kettlebell drills or O'lifting skills.
Have fun with the warmup, because the workouts are going to floor you. And you will love it!

To answer your other questions, the WOD are presented in a 3 day on one day off cycle.But again its not fixed.
Its Great if you can do it,my MMA training dosen't allow that other way i would only get A rest day free of MMA nd crossfit once a month. I Tried that....Not recommended.But if your just starting you may want to try a 2 on one off or even every second day to start with. Some people even do a 5 day on 2 day off.Listern to your body
Me im a 4on-1off-1on-1off cycle at the momnet.

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(Message edited by Fiona on June 13, 2006)

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