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Bill Hoogsteden 02-28-2013 08:03 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Pat, My condolences to your loss.

Claw, Nice Jackie & OHS work!

400m Run
2 rounds:
3 Wall Walks
10 Push Ups
10 Sit Ups

A. Strict press clusters 3.3.33; rest 20 seconds/rest 3 min, 115#
B. [URL=""]JM press[/URL] 12-152; rest 2 min, 65#


3 rounds for time:
20 thrusters 75/33 [I]Scaled to 65#[/I]
15 chin ups [I]Jumping Chin Ups for the last two rounds.[/I]
Row 500m


[I]Tried 125#, but it seemed hard for 27 reps. had to do push presses for the set of the 2nd & 3rd round! The JM Presses were easy. First time we had tried them, so 65# was a good start weight. The metcon was brutal! I was slow on the thrusters. The chin ups were painful to my elbow, so I went to jumping chin ups for the last two rounds. Wished I had tried a mixed grip. I haven't done many chin ups over the last 3 years. Need more work on these.[/I]

Pat Quigley 03-01-2013 04:07 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
William, thank you as always for the feedback. However, I did think that you'd give me your usual comment about burpees! and 100 of them in one WOD not less!:)

Bench 7X3

9 Thrusters 115/75
18 KBS 70/53 (Heck maybe there will be a 44 in the gym by then.)
9 Wall Walks
9 Thrusters 115/75
18 KBS 32/24kg
9 Wall Walks
9 Thrusters 115/75
18 KBS 70/53

Scale 2X30# DB's for thrusters and 54# KB

Jim Cordes 03-01-2013 06:55 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
3/1 WOD

A. 10:00 Butterfly pullups practice
Got as close as I ever have before. Just waiting for that magical "click" when they all make sense. Thanks Shane for suggesting not to push down so hard, just let my body fall. It helped.

B. AMRAP (unbroken) T2B, 5 sets, rest 60sec
Kind of disappointed here, I was hoping for 20+ my first round, but grip became an issue. First set involved a little kipping swing between each one, then Malzone suggested trying to eliminate it. Made the T2B harder at first, but once I get the hang of it these should go better. Between butterfly kipping pullups and T2B's my grip was fried.

C. "Death by 10m"
17 full rounds. Started by walking the first 4 or 5 rounds, I think it was smart. I made a point of facing the same direction on the turn on each set of runs so I was doing 50-50 left spins/right spins. Keeping track of rounds was a challenge, ended up counting out loud every other round, "2-4-6" etc. on even-numbered minutes and "1-3-5" etc. on odd-numbered rounds. Go ahead and scoff, just wait until you are on your round of 14 and forget where you are. Then we'll see who's laughing....

Link to whiteboard (WFS): [url][/url]


JT Kalnay 03-02-2013 11:37 AM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Saturday March 2, 2013

First Official CrossFit Silver WOD


JT Kalnay 03-03-2013 11:59 AM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Sunday March 3, 2013

Already missing Florida, but happy to be home safe and sound in Ohio.
Did the retest of March 1, 2012 today:
2012 (13:53)
2013 (7:44)


Yes this sh*t works...

Pat Quigley 03-04-2013 10:49 AM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Crossfit total

BS 405
SP 200
DL 505

Total 1110.

Alden Hingle 03-04-2013 02:27 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
[QUOTE=Pat Quigley;1145020]Crossfit total

BS 405
SP 200
DL 505

Total 1110.[/QUOTE]

Pat - Nice!

JT - I'm either too old or too young for the CrossFit Silver workout. I don't know what a "move like Jagger" anything is... ;)

2/28 - 3/1 Deload Week
Bench press 90, 110, 135 X5; back (box) squat 90, 110, 135 x5 and other assorted exercises

3/2 Skiing at Copper Mountain
Another great day in the bowls and the deep stuff

3/3 Rest day

Row 1000m
Straddle hops
Shoulder press 45 X10/ 65, 80 X5/ 95 X3
Shoulder press 105, 120, 135 X5
Pull-ups 6, 8, 6, 5
80# shoulder press 12, 9, 10

Jim Cordes 03-04-2013 03:33 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
[QUOTE=JT Kalnay;1144413]First Official CrossFit Silver WOD


JT, where are you posting these? I know some folks who might be interested in a such a gentle intro to CF. Thanks,


JT Kalnay 03-04-2013 05:55 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
@Pat: awesome Total!
@Claw: it's something I'm developing slowly but haven't rolled out yet.
I thought this blog would be an appropriate forum for posting some of my experimental WODs. The idea is to scale movements for people over 50 and for challenged athletes. In my research, a couple of the biggest scales needed for my demographic are squatting to boxes (which get progressively lower as you get better and even as you get warmed up) and up-downs (getting from lying down to standing up). It's amazing how few people in my demographic can do more than ten of each in a row. So, a lot of my experimental WODs focus on these two primary functional movements. I will post more as they get tested. I intend to start offering these classes at a local box later in 2013.

"Move Like Jagger" are just dance like toe taps and hand claps designed to speed up your hands and feet...

Monday 3-4-2013
C-Town CrossFit
<first day back in the box after two GLORIOUS weeks in Florida>

Group Warm-up.
Three rounds of:
15-10-5 of:
Goblet Squat 55
KBS 55

Burgener Snatch Warm-up.
(1) Down and Up
(2) Elbows High and Outside
(3) Muscle Snatch
(4) Snatch Lands @ 2" & 6" & Squat
(5) Snatch Drop


3 rounds of:
60 single unders
20 pullups
10 burpees

10 deadlifts (200#)
10 C&J (145#)

Jim Cordes 03-04-2013 06:19 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
3/2 WOD (Saturday)

As a team of 2,
Long loop run (about 600m) (both athletes together)
60 med ball pushups (split between both athletes, one works at a time)
Long loop run
60 PVC squat cleans (each athlete, one works at a time)
Long loop run
120 situps (each athlete, one works at a time)
Long loop run
60 squats with plate (45#) (split between both athletes, one works at a time)

Not sure time, but worked with Mike Mac, fastest time in the gym!

3/3 workout at Bacara
10 minutes Foundations video
Max double unders in 5 minutes

Little disappointed in the double unders, seems like I got more than half of them in first 2 minutes. I seem to flick my left sleeve with the rope, need to figure out why that is. Also, this was my fifth WOD in a row, testing the ProAnox. I ran out this weekend, probably going to restock.


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