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Curtis Black 12-31-2007 03:06 AM

Raw Vegan Diet
Was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the claims made in this post.

He's starting off what he calls a "30 Day Trial" for himself and outlines the diet he'll be following. He's going 100% raw vegan so obviously he doesn't agree with the CrossFit approved diet. He makes some comments about Dr Atkins, fruit based diets and protein consumption. I like the concept of the 30 day trial but I'm curious to hear the informed opinions of the CF forum members.

Alex Rosch 12-31-2007 03:39 AM

Re: Raw Vegan Diet
Well, I'm an Ovo-Lacto vegetarian (still eat eggs, dairy...just no 'flesh'). I'm not convinced that something like a Vegan diet, let alone a raw-vegan diet is the way to go...for me. I think that the most basic diet should be a an Ovo-vegetarian (eggs ok) diet. I like the 'raw' aspect of the diet, but I'll assume that a paleo-diet would lend the same advantages.
I zone my diet, and it works (for me). I've thought about veganism but haven't seen any compeling evidence it's the way to go. I'm already having to read every label as things like gelatin hide in things like yogurt!
I'm interested to see what my fellow (more experienced) CF'ers are going to say...I know it isn't going to be good!
But, 30 days might not be SO bad...people do all kinds of weird detox crap, so the idea of actually eating food is appealing. I should mention that I will not be detoxing any time soon, and am quite fond of the extra crap I carry around :p


Sarena Kopciel 12-31-2007 06:06 AM

Re: Raw Vegan Diet
Been there done that without any of the science just pure hard cold facts. Was raw vegan for probably a year or more. Well needless to say, I ma not anymore. this was during my 14 years of being vegetarian. I had gone through many phases, raw vegan, macrobiotic, vegetarian, etc etc.

CF changed all that and helped me lose weight and get fit. In addition, to controlling and eliminating both Type II Diabetes and Elevated Cholesterol.
Personally I wouldnt recommend raw veganism but anyone can try want they want.

Garrett Smith 12-31-2007 06:45 AM

Re: Raw Vegan Diet
Raw veganism, when applied in the right cases and on a temporary basis, can be an incredibly healing application. 30 days of it is a good length of time, IMO.

It should not be a permanent way of eating. What I see is raw vegans feeling great at the start, then coming back with tons of problems later, never once thinking to attribute it to their deficient and unbalanced way of eating. The denial that goes on is amazing.

Scott Clark 12-31-2007 03:30 PM

Re: Raw Vegan Diet
There are essential nutrients that vegans must supplement in pill form. That alone is enough for me to laugh about it being "the" diet for humans. While I can understand the healing properties on a short term basis, I can only only go by first hand experience from observing and grilling (pardon the pun) vegans I know about their health. All of them have openly admitted that they are sick multiple times a year, some even monthly. The craziest thing is one in particular says "colds, flus, sinus problems... the normal stuff everyone else gets". No, it's not normal to be sick.

I'm not saying that a diet/lifestyle exists that will prevent someone from ever being sick, mainly due to environmental factors, but I'm definitely saying that the vegans I know are some of the most sickly people I've ever encountered.

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