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Nick Martinez 06-23-2004 09:35 PM

Hey everyone, been a long time b/w post for me...

TIme also necessitates the use of bread in my diet. I've managed to cut out pasta again, but a sandwich is perfect for lunches at work?

Right now I use 'yer generic whole wheat bread.
Any other reccomendations that would be better for me AND that I could get at my local Massive-national-chain grocery store? I've bought rye a few times, and I coul live with eating that.


Ross Hunt 06-24-2004 07:02 AM


Portable, palatable, perfect.
Seriously - why not add monounsaturated fat instead of bread? They're tastier and more filling, too.


Mike Berryhill 06-24-2004 07:10 AM

I just bought some low carb bread at walmart. And they have low carb tortillas. Makes low carb eating a little easier for me.

Barry Cooper 06-24-2004 07:36 AM

I've been making a lot of open-faced sandwiches. If you only use one piece of bread, you're in the ballpark, Zone-wise. Grains are supposed to be condiments, but practically if you keep things in relative balance, you keep your insulin relatively under control. Use whole grain, of course.

Roger Harrell 06-24-2004 07:53 AM

I'm wary of the "low-carb" versions of a product that is almost by definition a block of carbs, eg bread. What's in these things, how do they make it, etc. I want to give things some time before I consider ingesting these produced blobs of whatever. Anyone know of the processes involved in making this stuff?

Brian Hand 06-24-2004 08:43 AM

Roger, I'm with you. If the low fat craze is any indication, watch for synthetic trash, unhealthy binders to make a sawdust bread hold together, and regular bread sliced thinner and called low carb.

My girlfriend bought this low carb bread knowing I watch carbs. The stuff tastes like *** and I had to plant a smile on while I ate it because, after all, it was very considerate of her to buy it for me. Seriously I'd rather just skip a meal than eat this stuff. I'm hungry but seldom that hungry.

Robert Wolf 06-25-2004 06:38 AM

Low carb bread makes me think of "low yield atomic bombs" doesnt quite make sense.

Some of my faves: Silgan Knake- a rye based big round cracker. You can find it in most supermarkets, it is inecpensive and packs serious "crunch".

Any good kosher style rye bread.

I never thought I would live to see a day in which the university cafe would have a sign which read "Atkins menus for your healthy lifestyle...."

Well, I did live to see that day but things have been twisted away from the original message.
Oh well!

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