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Jonathan Plaud 05-07-2007 03:49 PM

I decided to start off a log since today will be my first workout of the week.

I'm going to start off with a 10 minute jog and large arm twirls (forward and back) to warm me up.

Then, it will be 3 sets of....
15-20 push ups
100lb tricep lift 15 reps(on BOWFLEX)
20lb weight lift 15 reps(don't want to push myself too much, now)
15-20 floor-wipers

We will see what will go on for tomorrow.

Jonathan Plaud 05-08-2007 04:06 PM


warm up on treadmill (10 minutes, maybe 15)

40lb weight lift
40lb forarm lift
10-15 push ups
15-20 leg crossovers

Jonathan Plaud 05-10-2007 04:06 PM

Rested yesterday....

Todays' workout (and beter since it is much warmer now)

warm up on treadmill with large arm circles
3 sets of
15-20 push ups
tricep lifts (100lbs)15 reps
bicep weight lift (40lbs)
20 floor wipers

Jonathan Plaud 05-11-2007 04:40 PM


warm up
sets of
15 push ups
15 forearm lifts (40lbs)
15 shoulder lifts (40lbs)
15-20 crutches

Jonathan Plaud 05-13-2007 06:21 AM


new leg warm up (lunges)

3 sets of
15 push ups
15 bicep curls (40lbs)
15 tricep lifts (100lbs)
20 crutches

And for all those who are wondering...HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

Jonathan Plaud 05-14-2007 04:35 PM

Today I did.....

warm up
3 sets of...
push ups (15 times)
forearm curls (15 times) 40 lbs
shoulder lifts (15 times) 40 lbs
Abdominal lifts (15 times)

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