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Drew Cloutier 12-21-2009 12:30 AM

DC's workout journal
Hey all, just starting this up, as another way to keep my workouts logged, I keep 2 handwritten logs. One is for workouts, and the other is for my cardio/conditionning. So this is an effort to combine them.

Monday = Workout
Tuesday = Conditionning
Wednesday = Workout
Thursday = Conditionning
Friday = Workout
Saturday = Conditionning
Sunday = R & R

Little bit about me, this is offseason time for me, hoping to get back to competition after silly injuries (mostly at work) sidelining me for a while.
Feel free to ask any questions, i'll answer as best as I can.

5'9, low 220's start getting ready end May/early June, so until then to add quality mass.

The only thing I really count diet wise at the moment is protein, 50-60grams per meal minimum (6 meals per) shooting for total 350-450grams. and basically once I get the protein in, I eat the rest of the plate, for example say i'm having meat lovers omelette, with whole grain bagel, have my giant omelette first, then finish as much of my bagel and other sides.

Water intake, shooting for 3.5-4 litres (metric)

I know some people won't like the fact that i'm not using Crossfit (just can't come to say CF, because that stands for something else in Canada) for my Workouts, but I will be using Crossfit type workouts for my conditionning, as I HATE running anything more then a couple hundred meters (long distance is soooooo boring) and I hope that by combining my training with crossfit on my conditionning days that not only will I

1. Improve my work capacity, therefore enabling me to power through my actual works with more energy.
2. Recover better, via 2 factors, 1 being the increased work capacity, and 2 being active recovery.
3. Improve certain aspects of fitness that my training leaves by the wayside.

You will see a LOT of incline work for chest, maybe flat and no decline whatsoever, because decline is how I injured my pec/shoulder tie-in area, and tried it again years later, and it only makes it act up. I haven't flat benched other then warming up with a bar at the beginning of a workout in at least 2 years, but might be throwing them in although I always hear about tears and strains with flat bench.

my rep/set scheme will look something like this:
8-4-2, My training is centered on progressive overload, rotation of exercises, and rest-pause sets. So in this case I would have done a total of 14 reps, rest-paused in 3 mini-sets. (check out DoggCrapp for more info)

Because I train alone, and I train this way, I need to use some machines, so please don't start telling me to ditch machines, when you train alone, to failure and then some, it kinda comes with the terrain.

i'm very open to suggestions for conditionning workouts as well, or picking my brain for why I do what I do.

Thanks and enjoy the ride!!

DC (me!)

Drew Cloutier 12-21-2009 10:01 PM

Re: DC's workout journal
Alright, felt good for this workout, as an aside, I messed my knee up this summer at work, and its not back 100% so some days I take it easy on the joint.

today was biceps + legs, so I jumped right into it.

[B]- Cambered bar seated curls:[/B]
105lbs (on bar) x 12-5-2
wow this is a toughie, think i'm gonna stall out on this soon and will probably have to find something else to switch it with. I only go this high rep because its such a small muscle group and I go heavy on back days, as well I fell this is how i've best progressed keeping my total reps over 15.

[B]- Hack squat heel raises:[/B]
16 plates + 25's each side x 12
Nice controlled negative, short pause so no bouncing, and REALLY concentrated on exploding out of that stretch position.

[B]- 1-arm cable curl with rope attachment[/B]
65lbs x 20
Tried a slightly different technique which I ended up liking better, just more explosive on the positive motion, trying to FIRE, but controlled descent. this is for forearms, I do calves before purely to give my arms time to get rid of some lactic acid. Higher reps, because the grip is what fails last, and again lots of heavy work done for grip strength.

[B]- Seated leg curl[/B]
125lbs x 15-5-3
went up from last time, but wow just powered through this like butter, to light, next time heavier. I've fooled around in the past with SLDL's and Romanian Deads, etc, but i don't find them very good for solliciting the hamstrings (I have long arms, and yes i've tried standing on boxes)

[B]- Hack Squats, facing inside[/B]
620lbsx 7 felt good
380lbs x 20
Warmed up thoroughly on this, letting my body gradually get used to the weight I was under, almost felt like I could have MAYBE gotten another rep with 620lbs.
then the 20rep breathing squats, 380lbs x20, i'm horrible at LOTS of reps in 1 set non-stop, why so light.

thats that.

Tomorrow do some active recovery and conditionning, not to sure yet, probably check out the WOD, and maybe modify it for my purposes, stay tuned!

Drew Cloutier 12-23-2009 02:11 PM

Re: DC's workout journal
I'll be adding in yesterday's workout later, when I toss in today's workout.

but just wanted to add something important.

Although the end goal is hypertrophy (myofribilar/sarcoplasmic) the means to an end are the weights. someone who's put on 100lbs to their incline bench will undoubtably have a bigger chest, triceps, shoulders (if he ate to gain size) unlike many people chasing hypertrophy, with just a goal of adding 10lbs, my goal is to actually improve my lifts.

so i'll toss up some goals i'd like to reach within 1-2 years (being lax on time frame due to competitions, and possible deployment)

- i'd like to deadlift 700lbs for a single (i think I have this in me due to the fact that my 550lbs is from a while ago, and i'm only stronger now, i think at the moment i'd probably have 575+)
- Bring my work weight up to 800lbs on Rack deads (i'm hitting 675 for 7-8 with a wheelbarrow type grip so its actually 337.5 per hand, soon enough won't have any room to add weight, so i will be tossing in regular bar rack deads.
- Bring my work weight up to 315lbs on incline press, currently working with 250lbs
- flat bench 405x1-2
- Bring my work weight up to 405+ on squats
- Bring my reverse grip bench (done in smyth machine for safety) up to 315lbs for working weight.
- bring my military press up to 225lbs working weight.
- Pendlay row 315lbs for 6 (google it if you have to)
- Incline db curl 80's for working weight
- Dips (upright triceps version) myself + half my bodyweight
- Rack chins with half my bodyweight (plus bodyweight)
- Leg press 1300lbs for working weight.

That's about all the one I can think of for now, the bigger staples, or more often used exercises for myself. By working weight I mean as the weight I would use with typical rep ranges in my workout, aka not just singles.

Dave Coughlin 12-23-2009 02:54 PM

Re: DC's workout journal
I was about to tell you to change your fu(_ing log title, and that I was the only DC around these parts, but after you posted your numbers...I'll hold off.

Nice numbers, and welcome to the board:welcome: I'm not a huge follower of others' stuff, but with our similar namesake and size, I'll do my best to keep an eye on your stuff.

Drew Cloutier 12-25-2009 03:47 PM

Re: DC's workout journal
haha thanks,

unfortunately, this past wednesday I hurt myself training, and still have to get in to the Doctor's to see how bad, i'm hoping for the best though.

Drew Cloutier 01-02-2010 02:19 AM

Re: DC's workout journal
To anyone who's been checking this out, sorry for the lack of updates, but I injured myself on the 23rd of Dec(pec tear). Took some time off, will be returning to training, but only lower body, as i'm still waiting to see specialist, to determine extent of injury.

i'll be lifting light with the left side of my upper body(uninjured side) in hopes that the cross-transference theory pays off for me in some small way, and hitting cardio (yuk) on the stationary bike or something of the sort that won't jar my body.

i'd like to also add, that there are plenty of views of this thread, which i'm happy to see, please feel free to leave any questions, comments, anything really, I encourage intelligent discourse.

Stay strong everyone!

Drew Cloutier 01-26-2010 12:14 PM

Re: DC's workout journal
So finally i've seen orthopedic surgeon, had tests done, and it turns out I got away with a partial pectoralis major tear at the muscle:tendon junction. Getting an MRI done soon, just to make sure there's isn't damage to more areas, and basically been okay'd to train heavy legs, and rehab my right pec with light work.

did sets of 20 reps on incline dumbbell press with 25's (felt so stupid with those baby weights) same with shoulder press, and did some 1-arm crossovers for just the injured side. I'm taking things slow to not make it worse, since the doc said 3 months from injury is really when I'll be able to start training for real again.

Drew Cloutier 02-04-2010 12:23 PM

Re: DC's workout journal
Had a great leg day monday,

Obviously, for biceps and forearms i'm not yet able to go 100% heavy, it wasn't bad at all, I stopped short of failure on forearms and biceps, as I didn't want to push it to hard yet.

Seated DB curls:
warm- up 30's x25
warm-up 35's x 20
40's x 14-6-4, followed up by some partials when I couldn't complete proper full reps.

Hack squat heel raises:
14 plates x 16, I do these with a fairly controlled/slow negative and pause at the bottom, so as not to bounce like many do, and then explode out of the bottom.

Reverse grip cable curls: I do these while holding my wrists all the way back (trying to touch back of knuckles to forearm)
40 x 21 left arm, and 18 right arm.

Seated leg curls: I really concentrated on exploding in this one, as the hamstring is really made for that.

135 x 14-5 (very light start to cramping in lots of stretching)

Hack Squats:
warm-ed up with 450lbs, 540lbs, and working set with 610lbs x 9, seeing stars after this and my hamstrings were too tight, felt like I almost pulled one, or was about to, so I didn't do my widowmaker (20 rep squat)

All weights are in lbs.

Yesterday I did another rehab workout, same deal, and moved up in weights, I was using 40's for dumbbells, instead of 25's, instead of the 60lbs on lat pulldowns, this time I could do 105 comfortably, and I got up to 75lbs dumbbells for rows instead of 55's last week. So getting back there.

Drew Cloutier 02-16-2010 03:01 PM

Re: DC's workout journal
Forgot to update:
Spider barbell curls:
85lbs x 12-6-3
still not pushing it to hard on biceps, because I do feel the chest tense during part of the movement so not going max weights yet.

Leg press toe press (heel raises on leg press:
6 plates per side x 11, I like doing these with an explosive burst out of the bottom, as I do a controlled negative and a slight pause at the bottom.

- Pinwheel curls:
40's x30
These are for forearms and I was way to overcautious, i'm typically aiming to get to 18-21 range and it just felt light.

Standing leg curls:
100lbs x 11-5-3, same amount of reps for each leg, couldn't hold with arms well enough to really contract, reason why weight is lower.

- Leg press: 950lbs x 9, 770lbs x 20 (like breathing squats)

Over all this was a really good workout, for it only being less then 2 months post injury, my legs are still feeling quite strong, and really the weakness right now the healing pectoralis, everything else feels strong and secure.

Drew Cloutier 02-16-2010 03:14 PM

Re: DC's workout journal
Did another rehab (aka upper body) workout (on top of the physio band stuff I do at home)

- Low incline dumbbell press:
50's x 20 for 3 sets.
I tried doing light presses in the smyth machine for safety sake, but my chest did not like my hands being locked on a bar, so I switched back to dumbbells. Its very difficult playing around with weights I wouldn't even have warmed up with usually, I mean mentally speaking its difficult, although I'm thankful my injury wasn't worse, its still annoying not being able to really train, but i'm giving it time.

- Cybex shoulder press, facing the backpad:
130lbs x 14-5-4
It felt really good being able to over head press again, even though it was not super heavy, just mentally felt great, making me feel one step closer to being 100% again.

- Push down superset with overhead cable extension:
120lbs x 11 super set with 90lbs x 11.
I had done plenty of warm up sets prior which is another reason why I didn't do more that and the volume I got from all those reps on incline dumbbell press. Don't know why i picked this combo, but I can't do any heavy pressing so close grip bench and reverse grip bench are out, and I feel some discomfort when trying to do skullcrushers still so I figured I won't push it just yet.

- I got sick of pulldowns, so I switched to the gravitron for pull ups, as I can't hold my weight comfortably yet (pec feels like its gonna give)
80lbs of assistance (I weighed in at 222) and did 3 sets of 17-20.

- Also got tired of dumbbell rows so did cable wide rows, have to say I think I went a lil light on these, I didn't reach failure because I was being cautious of my chest, but still think I could have pushed it a lil more:

Overall things are improving nicely, another month or so from what the doc tells me before i'm back to 90-100%

I'm hoping to use this time to hopefully bring my legs and arms up, since my chest has always been big and developped fast, but cannot wait until I can train normally again. My weights and reps keep improving and i'm feeling less and less pain and stiffness (in my pec) during training, tomorrow box squats!

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