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Shane Jensen 10-24-2014 02:23 PM

Re: Shane's Wrestling Strength CF Log

[B]Snatch Push Press + Drop Snatch[/B]
45xSome, 95x3/1, 105x3/1, 115x3/1, 125x3/1, 135x3/1, 145x3/1

Just playing around with this here trying to be fast. May come back to it from time to time and see how far I can push the drop snatch.

[B]Pause Front Squat[/B]
135x3, 185x3, 225x3, 255x1, 285x1, 305x1, 325x1, 345x1, 310x4, 230x12

Stopped the pause on the down sets, but overall was very happy here. 345 was up just a hair from last week and it was an easier rep. 8 pounds lighter than I was when I did this last week.

45x10, 105x8, 140x2, 105x8, 155x2, 105x8, 165x2, 105x8, 175x1 (F#2), 155x2, 135x4, 105x8

Just wanted volume here. Haven't tried this rep scheme with 2's yet.

[B]Chin Ups[/B]

Set after each press set up through the 175. Easy enough.

Shane Jensen 10-25-2014 05:30 PM

Re: Shane's Wrestling Strength CF Log

45xSome, 95x3, 135x2, 155x1, 175x1, 195x1, 205x1, 215x1, 225 (F, F, F), 185x1, 205x1, 225 (F)

Pretty good here. Receiving snatches nice and balanced and nice and deep which I haven't been at times. Trying to do a better job at staying over the bar longer. Most I've ever made in my garage is still just 220 so just trying to move that needle.

[B]Clean and Jerk[/B]
135x1/2, 185x1/2, 215x1/2, 235x1/2, 255x1/2, 270x1/2

Happy here. 270 is the most I've ever hit on the clean and two jerks complex anywhere.

Shane Jensen 10-26-2014 05:37 PM

Re: Shane's Wrestling Strength CF Log

20xSome, 40x3, 60x2, 70x1, 80x1, 90x1, 96x1, 102 (F, F, F)

Wanted more out of this, but was in a rush and couldn't take the time to really nail technique down. Really had to save the 96 but managed to secure it.

[B]Clean, Thruster, Jerk[/B]
60x1, 80x1, 90x1, 100x1, 112x1

Watched Klokov do it on Instagram and figured I'd give it a go today as well, think I had 4-5 kilos left in the tank had I not had to stop and go coach.

Shane Jensen 11-27-2014 09:22 AM

Re: Shane's Wrestling Strength CF Log
Have drifted away from logging stuff here, but since I don't have my book today I'll log it here.


20x10, 50x8, 60x4, 70x2, 74x1, 78x1, 82x1, 85x1, 87x1, 79x1, 79x1, 79x1, 79x1, 79x1, 72x3, 72x3, 72x3, 72x3, 72x3, 40x13

Back to doing lots of behind the neck work helped out a lot here, both the reps at 85 and 87 were PR's. All the down sets were done every 2:00.

Very happy with this here.

Shaun Gross 01-27-2015 06:02 PM

Re: Shane's Wrestling Strength CF Log
Hi Shane,

Long time since you posted, how is your training going?

Shane Jensen 03-02-2015 06:53 PM

Re: Shane's Wrestling Strength CF Log
Hey Shawn, things are going well.

My wrestling coaching season ended last weekend so starting tomorrow I will be doing most of my work out of the affiliate that I coach at rather than in my garage.

Over the course of the last couple of months I've pr'd my back squat (200 KG), Front Squat (176 KG), and clean (141 KG), so March is going to be about taking that strength from the winter and becoming more consistent with the lifts again with my eyes on my next meet on 4/25.

I'm getting married on 4/4 and will be honeymooning from 4/5-4/12 so I'll be looking to try and hit a kind of mini peak the week before I leave and then when I get back using the 2 weeks that I have left to come back and get things firing right again.

Shane Jensen 03-21-2015 02:46 PM

Re: Shane's Wrestling Strength CF Log

Worked up to maxes on both lifts today went 235/302.5 (a misload) which was a PR total. Hit this afterward. About went night night standing there for the jerk.

Shane Jensen 06-28-2015 04:49 PM

Re: Shane's Wrestling Strength CF Log
Little under a month out from next meet, had a nice day of training today.

Did a 170 kg (374 lb) front squat with a 3 second pause, then chased it with my first 2k row PR in almost 4.5 years with a 6:58.2

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