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Tyler McCleery 06-07-2005 10:22 PM

Hello all, Crossfit newb here. I'm loving the WODs, however I am wondering how I should structure it around my BJJ training. I train 3 days/week in BJJ (Mon/Wed/Sat).

I was thinking maybe do the WODs on my off days from BJJ, but then I'd be continuously falling behind on the WODs. I've tried following the WOD protocol as posted and have found that if I train BJJ that day too, depending on the WOD, it is a bit much (perhaps I should do the WOD in the morning and BJJ training in the evening on those days?).

I noticed there are quite a few BJJ guys on the board so I was hoping someone could provide some insight.

Don Stevenson 06-07-2005 11:50 PM

My strategy for doing BJJ and the WODs is as follows

Turn up to BJJ an hour early, WOD, do BJJ, Suck up the pain.

At the moment i'm only doing the WOD three days a week due to a huge increase in my cycling volume but when i'm doing 3/1 thats how i did it.

It sucks for a few weeks but you get used to it and eventually when you have a couple of days off before a BJJ comp you'll be amazed at how strong and fresh you are.

Other options are to do the WODs on your off days and just skip a few each week, nothing wrong with that.

Steve Nugent 06-08-2005 08:23 AM

Personally, I WOD in the AM and BJJ in the PM. If I wait until noon for the workout-I have a tougher time rolling.
Tabata squats usually hurt my game for a few days though...

Jeremy Jones 06-08-2005 10:18 AM

I pretty much do what Don said for my Shootfighting training. Sometimes it sucks for my fight training, but you just learn to deal with it.

aka "Suck it up Buttercup"

The real key is to make sure that you get plenty of rest those days, eat right and don't be afraid to say "I am going to only do my BJJ class tonight" or "I am going to take tonight off". Just try not to let it happen too often (once every week would be too often).

I utilize contrast showers everyday as well. These seem to help my body 'cope' with the extra stress.

My problem isn't handling the extra workout, it is staying at the school and working out until 12:30 and not getting to bed until 2am (long drive). I don't get up until 7am usually but I get pretty wore out on this schedule and my training suffers.

Jonathan Kessler 06-08-2005 11:42 AM

Age and recovery ability varies.
I am working on the same question of scheduling.
I'm 44.
Currently I am finding that doing a WOD and BJJ one day per week, and alternating on other days such that I have one real "rest day" during the week and one on the weekend, works for me.
No rest days does not work for me. No sirree.

Joshua Newman 06-08-2005 12:02 PM

I, too, WOD in the morning, and BJJ in the evening. It's ugly for the first few weeks, but you get used to it. The bonus is, on those times when BJJ falls on a WOD Rest Day, it seems ridiculously effortless to roll.

Tyler McCleery 06-08-2005 07:38 PM

Awesome. Thanks for the help guys! I will most likely just end up sucking it up and doing the WODs regardless of whether or not I have BJJ that day.

Again thanks for the help.

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