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Justin Yeates 07-22-2010 06:58 AM

Looking for info on starting a box in WA state
So, Iím planning on starting a affiliate (or box to use the parlance of our times, man) in the Lakewood/University Place/Tacoma area of Washington state and was hoping that someone can point me in the right direction to research licensing, permits, insurance and hidden pit falls or costs that have popped up. Thanks in advance, this small business thing is new to me; I have spent my adult life in the Army.

Keith Martin 07-22-2010 08:26 AM

Re: Looking for info on starting a box in WA state
Not to piggy back on this post but I have the roughly the same questions.
Is the very first step to get your L1 cert? Are there things that I can do before getting the cert?

Brian Strump 07-22-2010 10:24 AM

Re: Looking for info on starting a box in WA state
Very first step should be visiting several affiliates and talk to the owners. See how they are run. Learn from their mistakes if they are willing to share.
Second, if you have no business sense, buy a book, take a is great, but you will need to learn how to make money in your business to keep the doors open.
Third, legally to operate, the L1 cert is what you need. But, you will be doing a great disservice to CrossFit, and to your members, IF, you think will be able to properly train anyone following your L1 cert without any prior knowledge on anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, etc. in order to be a well rounded, knowledgeble trainer. After you get the cert, your learning CANNOT stop! Not just CF certs, but books, seminars, etc. will help more than you can imagine right now.
Good luck!

Justin Yeates 07-23-2010 04:39 AM

Re: Looking for info on starting a box in WA state
Brian, thank you for the input; I did not say anything about getting the level 1(and 2) cert because it is the assumed task. Itís kind of hard to have a CF gym without the CF part, right? And you are beyond right about continuing to improve as a trainer. I wish I could just drop by one of the affiliates but Iím in Iraq right now.
What Iím really looking for is advice on the city/state stuff that you need to navigate for a small business. Or a good place to look, books that help or something along those lines.


CJ Kim 07-23-2010 06:44 AM

Re: Looking for info on starting a box in WA state
Welcome (back) to Washington. I just moved back here myself, but I am a little north of where you will be. You will want to set yourself up as corporation or LLC -- an accountant or lawyer can talk you through the advantages/disadvantages of both. You should also contact the Small Business Administration in Washington (, they can help you out with getting a license and making sure you comply with all the regulations.

Good Luck.

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