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Mark Williams 02-17-2009 04:28 PM

One man and his ACL
After more than 18 months of knee trouble and not being able to exercise without paying for it for a week afterwards, I eventually went to the Doctor... an MRI revealed I didn't have an ACL anymore so got in for surgery 12/12/08.

It'll be ten weeks on Friday and, after a slow start to my rehab because of excess scar tissue build-up stopping the patella gliding properly, good progress is being made. I'm a long way off full on CrossFit workouts but I can start working it harder now :kicking0:

Being a little overweight when I had the injury, being properly overweight when I had the surgery and having the surgery a week before Xmas has made for a very round Mark with the conditioning of Jabba the Hutt.

Physio has been ongoing from day 1 after surgery but my own training only started on 5th Feb and, til now, have been primarily long steady state cardio with no impact so not ideal but looking at it as "getting fit to get fit" and Im still getting past the achey stage!

Below are my own workouts at the gym - workouts with a hint of the CrossFit about them to follow - my physio workouts have been primarily balance and ROM based but today we hit hamstring strength and also did some dynamic side stepping and jumping onto the bad leg and jumping back off it. This was a big deal to me because it erased my doubts (atleast for now) that I wouldn't play Judo/rugby again because these side step movements used to leave me on the floor with my leg swollen and a sick feeling in my belly! It's all about the little victories.

5th Feb
2 rounds of the following with no rest...

10 mins bike - rd 1:4.13km; rd 2: 4.09km
5 mins UBB - rd 1: 1.3km; rd 2: 1.3km
10 mins bike - rd 1: 4.37km; rd 2: 4.17km
5 mins grappler - rd 1: 2.76; rd 2: 2.15
10 mins bike - rd 1: 4.19km; rd 2: 4.03km
5 mins rower - rd 1: 0.998km; rd 2: 1.009km

good sweat for an hour and a half, rowing was cack but more to do with focusing on keeping my kneecap pointing up instead of drifting outwards

8th Feb
2 rounds of the following with no rest...

10 mins bike - rd 1:5.65km; rd 2: 4.15km
5 mins UBB - rd 1: 1.4km; rd 2: 1.3km
10 mins bike - rd 1: 4.54km; rd 2: 4.06km
5 mins grappler - rd 1: 2.58; rd 2: 1.7
10 mins bike - rd 1: 4.32km; rd 2: 3.89km
5 mins rower - rd 1: 1.101km; rd 2: 1.086km

first round felt good but was breathing out my arse by round 2

12th Feb
2 rounds of the following with no rest...

10 mins bike - rd 1:4.61km; rd 2: 4.9km
5 mins UBB - rd 1: 1.8km; rd 2: 1.7km
10 mins bike - rd 1: 4.78km; rd 2: 4.26km
5 mins grappler - rd 1: 2.98; rd 2: 2.68

relatively abbreviated session because I fell asleep after work and could only do this before gym shut! Felt good and strong though

13th Feb
10 mins bike

25 x swiss ball wall squats
25 x 20kg plate curls
25 x 20kg plate presses
3 rounds (untimed but as little rest as possible)

10 mins bike

slightly more CrossFit and felt good - didn't time it because I wanted to focus on form on the swiss squats

14th Feb
5 minutes wobble board work
20 minutes bike

40kg upright rows x 10
Dips x 10
7 rounds (untimed)

20 minutes x-trainer

another workout with a CrossFit slant and my first 3-days-in-a-row for soooo long. Little victories

After this 3 in a row victory I was brought crashing back to earth with a few days off. This time, not because of a swollen knee that wouldn't work, but because every other muscle in my body had been reminded that they have to earn their keep!

I'll be back in the gym tomorrow, I'll see what the WOD is and see if I can adapt. If anyone has any suggestions of previous WODs or girls that would be appropriate for 10 weeks post-surgery they'd be gratefully received. Physio says so long as its not explosive and its close-chained then I can do it (if I stay sensible. That's a big freaking if!)

I need to shift the power belly that has been developing for the past couple years and seeing how the zone gets rave reviews, I bought the book today and will be pre-cooking my meals for tomorrow in a little while.

Mark Williams 02-18-2009 03:22 PM

Re: One man and his ACL
Well, the zone took a lot more planning than I thought! Not sure I got it right but worked it out off 15 blocks -diet looked like this:

7.30am - 3 eggs, 2 egg whites, small onion, spinach, an orange.
11am - 1oz chicken, 1 small tangerine, 6 peanuts
1pm - 150g tuna, spinach, 2 tomatoes, 9 grapes, dash olive oil.
4.30pm - 1oz chicken, 1 small tangerine, 6 peanuts
9pm - 4oz venison, 18 grapes, an orange, 1 1/3 tsp peanut butter.

does this look close to right or have I misunderstood completely?!

Attempted a wussie version of the WOD today...

Rehab work
5 minutes wobble board work (2 legged and 1 legged)
10 swiss ball wall squats
10 swiss ball wall squats (one legged at the bottom)

workout, including WOD 090218
20 minutes bike - lvl 6

With a continuously running clock do one pull-up the first minute, two pull-ups the second minute, three pull-ups the third minute... continuing as long as you are able...

Gravitron, 20kg assistance: 7 minutes and 5 reps in the 8th.

20 minutes x-trainer - lvl 6

balance coming on, although patellar tendon still aching from yesterdays physio so squats were very hard. Used gravitron because 1) I'm rubbish at pull-ups; and 2) being a short arse I need to jump to the bar and I didn't fancy dropping a foot onto my bad knee every other rep. Poor performance but on the positive side I should smoke that score next time out

Not sure what to make of the zone - only been a day and I'm not even sure my diet was correct - but the one thing that struck me was that I never felt full and felt hungry just in time for the next feed. Also, meat portions are tiny (4oz as a serving!!).

Mark Williams 02-19-2009 03:22 PM

Re: One man and his ACL
7.30am - 4 eggs, 18 grapes, 1 orange
10.30am - 1oz venison, 1 satsuma, 6 peanuts
12.45pm - 150g tuna, 2 tomatoes, 12 spinach leaves, orange, dash olive oil
4.30pm - 1oz venison, 1 satsuma, 6 peanuts
9.30pm - 4oz chicken, 4 jaffa cakes, 2 tsp peanutbutter

Rehab Work
10+ minutes wobble board work (2 legged and 1 legged)

Workout, including WOD 090219
20 minutes bike - lvl 6 (85-105rpm)

50 Dips
800m Row
50 Press-ups
800m Row
50 Press-ups (feet on swiss ball)
800m Row

Time: 26:17

20 minutes X-Trainer - lvl 6 (60-80rpm)

major improvements on the quality of wobble-board work, starting to get some proprioception back. Left squats alone as my tendon's still got a hangover from last couple days. WOD was a bit weak but was about as hard as I could push, considering I can't put any real power down on the rower yet, so good enough for now - irrespective of time, so long as I put as much in as I can its a success. Looking forward to looking back at these times and laughing.

Diet wise felt pretty good, never really hungry but energy pretty constant. Not sure I'm doing it right but looking forward to when I'm experienced enough to do zone with the eyeball method because I think measuring spinach leaves will get old quick!

This is a link to a picture that went around the office today and had me in stitches! It has a big fat swear word in it, so not suitable for kids or those of a sensitive nature.

Mark Williams 02-20-2009 02:40 PM

Re: One man and his ACL
Rest day today so just did some rehab and a bit of cardio.

8am - 4 eggs, 18 grapes, orange
10.30am - 1 egg, 1 small tangerine
12.45pm - 150g tuna, 5 jaffa cakes, 15 olives
4.30pm - 1 egg, 1 small tangerine
9.30pm - 4oz beef burger, 1 small wholemeal bap, 2 tsp peanut butter

Rehab Work
5 x 20 second wobble board
3 x 10 second wobble board alterated with standing on operated leg and dribbling a ball around it with the good leg

Gentle Cardio
20 minutes bike lvl 6, 85-105rpm
20 minutes x-trainer lvl 7 60-70rpm

Was buzzing all day today, not sure if its the sudden influx of fruit into my system or just being exercising again but I felt like King Kong! Held myself back from doing a proper workout today so raring to go for tomorrow. Hopefully the WOD is something I can follow roughly (tried a light deadlift - 60kg - and back of my knee really not ready for that yet), otherwise Ill look through the archives for something

Mark Williams 02-21-2009 11:50 AM

Re: One man and his ACL
My prayers to the CrossFit Idols for a WOD I could follow in some shape or form were largely ignored... so I dug through the archives and found one to have a go on. It was a major mental boost to do this one, however poorly, because it involved 90 lunges with dbells and a few weeks ago I couldn't do 1 with no weight added.

10am - 4 eggs, 1 wholemeal bap
1pm - 1 egg, 2 tbsp honey
6pm - 5oz venison, 1 wholemeal bap, 2.5 tsp peanut butter
8pm - 1oz venison, 9 grapes
11.30pm - 4oz fish, 18 grapes, 1 orange, 2tsp peanut butter

Rehab Work
5 x 10 second stands on wobble board
5 x 10 second 1 leg stands on small wobble board
5 x 10 dribbling ball around my planted 'bad' leg

Workout, including a WOD
20 minutes bike 95-105rpm (up to lvl 7 now)

AMRAP in 20 minutes
10 pull-ups (35kg assistant)
10 lunges (2 x 12.5kg dbells)
rounds: 9 + 4 pull-ups

20 minutes x-trainer 55-60rpm (lvl 7)

Diet has been ok so far - so long as I stick to the last 2 feeds then I'll have made another day, all the more impressive because I'm going round my mates house to watch the UFC tonight AND THERE WILL BE PIZZA. If I can make it through I may treat myself to a small cheat meal tomorrow.

very pleased with proprioception work on the wobbleboard - I found it easy to do and whereas a week ago I couldn't stand just on my operated leg for long, now I can dribble a ball around it with the other foot 10 times in a row no sweat. WOD was a crap score but a little victory because it showed me there is strength in the knee and the graft is obviously still there - must protect it but also work it.

Looking forward to the UFC tonight, not as many big name fighters as we've been used to in recent cards, but I think the match-ups are the best in a while. Itll be interesting to see how Sanchez handles the cut and Stevenson will be hungry to move up from gatekeeper status. Either way, I think its a big fight in terms of reshuffling the pecking order in the lightweight division.

Mark Williams 02-22-2009 09:45 AM

Re: One man and his ACL
Folded at the UFC party last night - didn't have pizza and beer but did have a half pound burger and fries! Screwed my blocks up but was planning on having a cheat meal today anyway so just a straight swap.

12pm - 4oz fish, 25g wholemeal breadcrumbs, orange
4.30pm - 4oz fish, 12.5g wholemeal breadcrumbs, small wholemeal bap, 2 x jaffa cakes
8.30pm - 4oz venison, small wholemeal bap, 2 jaffa cakes
11pm - boiled egg and small tangerine

20 minutes bike - lvl 7, 100-110rpm

50 dips
50 reverse grip gravitron chins (22kg assist)
time: 13:17

20 minutes x-trainer - lvl 7, 60-65rpm

Major lie in today, hence the first feed at 12pm - eating baps a lot today because I'm off to Switzerland on Tuesday for a week and need to get that perishable stuff eaten. Jaffa cake... no excuse, I like them and strictly speaking they are 1 carb block each, but I know they're not ideal choices.

No balance work today, glutes, hams and quads all fried from yesterday and didn't fancy trying to balance with such understrength muscles because at this stage an awkward slip could put me back to square one. WOD wasn't for me today so listened to my body for clues as to what didn't hurt and could be worked today. My chest and tri's were ok so thought I'd just do 50 dips for time but halfway through thought I'd throw in the chins to finish off grip/back/biceps.

Sleep was disrupted last night because, after the UFC (which I enjoyed, some great KO's although perhaps an early stop on the Koscheck fight - I think Dana realises that British crowds are still a little ignorant on the ground game and boo anything that isn't a slug fest and picked fights accordingly) it was confirmed that they would be showing the Cotto Jennings fight. My mates wife was in Jennings' class at school so thought I'd do my bit and stay up til 4 to watch it... he tried but was waaay outclassed.

Mark Williams 03-03-2009 04:54 PM

Re: One man and his ACL
Back from my short break in Switzerland - managed to keep diet clean (but not strictly zone) about 80% of the time and got a few workouts in so probably didnt take a backward step while away. Training was primarily 40 mins a day on dads x-trainer combined with some dumbbell hi rep super and tri-sets.

Today went...

7.30am - 2 eggs, 4 egg whites, 12 almonds, 2 tsp honey
11am - 1oz turkey breast, 3 almonds, plum
1pm - 150g tuna, olive oil, 6 olives, 1 tangerine, 1 plum
4.30pm - 1oz turkey breast, 3 almonds, plum
9pm - 4oz sardines cooked in olive oil and garlic, 40g pasta, 100g tomato based sauce*

*immediately post workout

10 mins bike

Upright Rows @ 45kg x 50
Dips x 50
Assisted Chins (22kg/lvl4) x 50
for time

Diet was good but only got 2 carb blocks in at lunch. Allowed myself the small serving of pasta as it was post-workout.
Training was decent, upper body nailed.
Didn't do x-trainer or extra rehab stuff today - had consultation with the surgeon and the problems I've had with my patella tracking poorly are due to swelling caused by, we think, some artefacts from the surgery. The advice was when the swelling is up, leave it alone otherwise go for it. On a positive note, the mri today showed a major thickening of the new ligament and an increase in density compared with 4 weeks ago - he said it looked more like an 18 week graft rather than 12 weeks so that bodes well. Scheduled to see him again in 6 weeks and if the tracking issue hasn't sorted itself out he'll go back in. Joy:rolleyes:.

Mark Williams 03-04-2009 02:20 PM

Re: One man and his ACL
Tried a version of WOD 090223, scaled for feebleness and injury - no push press yet, so just did strict standing shoulder press with 2x50lb dumbbells. Mucho Oucho.

7.30am - 4oz turkey breast, 2tbsp honey, 12 almonds
11am - 1oz turkey breast, 1 plum, 3 almonds
12.45pm - 150g tuna, 1tsp olive oil, 6 olives, 9 grapes, 1 tangerine, 1 plum
4pm - 1oz turkey breast, 1 plum, 3 almonds
9.15pm - 3oz pork, 1oz turkey breast, 18 grapes, 8 cherry tomatos, 1 plum

20 mins bike, lvl 8, 90-110 rpm

For time:
Row 500 meters
2x50 pound dbell Standing Shoulder Press, 21 reps
Row 500 meters
2x50 pound dbell Standing Shoulder Press, 18 reps
Row 500 meters
2x50 pound dbell Standing Shoulder Press, 15 reps
Row 500 meters
2x50 pound dbell Standing Shoulder Press, 12 reps

20 mins bike, lvl 7, 80-100rpm

Forgot to press start on the stopwatch cos I'm daft but rows were: 1.54, 2.02, 2.05 and 2.11 respectively. Presses were ok for the first set, splitting it 10/6/5 with a deep breath as break, after that each set was basically split into 3 more or less equal sub-sets with a few breaths as break. Definitely put it less than 14 mins total but not sure exactly.

Knee a bit stiff and swollen after this one, hitting the ice now!

Mark Williams 03-05-2009 02:33 PM

Re: One man and his ACL
Was meant to be my last physio session today but knee cap issues means they'll keep me on a bit longer. Thumbs up for bike, rowing and wobble board, but for now squats, dynamic stuff and lunges are back out. Boo

7.30am - 4oz turkey breast, 2tbsp honey, 12 almonds
11am - 1oz turkey breast, 1 plum, 3 almonds
12.45pm - 150g tuna, 1tsp olive oil, 6 olives, 9 grapes, 1 tangerine, 1 plum
4pm - 1oz turkey breast, 1 plum, 3 almonds
9.15pm - 4oz steak, 18 grapes, 8 cherry tomatos, 1 plum, 15 almonds

10 x hip holds (lie down, bend knees, plant feet, tilt pelvis and raise it as far off the plinth as possible for 20 agonising seconds, call the physio a rude word and relax)

30 x straight leg raises (10 toes up, 10 toes out, 10 toes in)

10 x ham curls with resistance band

5 mins wobble board work

20 mins bike, lvl 8, 90-100rpm

WOD 090214 (ish)
100 pound upright rows, 10 reps
10 dips
7 rounds
time: 9:36

20 mins bike, lvl 7, 90-100rpm

Diet good, I get real hungry but when I feel hungry and check the time its snack/meal time so that's cool!
Physio fried my hamstrings, 1st bike session loosened them up, 2nd bike session finished them again.
Really enjoyed that WOD. Upright row because SDLHP's still not an option and dips because I have no rings. Dips unbroken for all rounds, wish I could say the same for upright rows!

Mark Williams 03-07-2009 12:04 PM

Re: One man and his ACL
day off yesterday, ate zone all day but had a small pizza and a pint of Guiness for dinner - it was meant to be a treat for some great news at work and in the past I've always treated myself to a pizza and beer but, while I hugely enjoyed the first couple of slices I felt like crap all the way through to my workout today. Like a hangover but I only had one pint of the "blonde in the black dress"

4oz turkey breast, 12 almonds, 2tbsp honey
1 cup milk, 3 almonds
5oz white fish, 6 almonds, 3tsp olive oil, 18 grapes, 6 small tomatoes,
1 cup milk, 3 almonds
4oz white fish, 3 almonds, 3tsp olive oil, 18 grapes, 6 small tomatoes,

3 x 10 second stands on wobble board
3 x stands on wobble board, passing 5kg plate around body
5 x 10 second one leg stand on wobble board
3 x stands on wobble board, passing 5kg plate around body

20 mins bike lvl 8, 90-100rpm

Row 500m
50 push ups
Row 500m
40 push ups
Row 500m
30 push ups
Row 500m
20 push ups
Row 500m
10 push ups
time: 15.40

20 mins bike lvl 8, 90-100rpm

Diet is good, eating more fish and fruit than ever before so that in itself can't be bad! Weighing tomorrow and really hoping to be under 200lbs (I was 210 post-surgery, 202 before I went to Switzerland).
Training was great - decided to make the wobble board harder by passing a plate round the front of my legs and round my back to change the centre of gravity - it was harder but managed it well.
The row vs pushups workout is something I've seen before, either as WOD or from a workout log but it was hard work! Will probably do some max dips tomorrow as well as a met-con to keep some strength going.

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