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Justin Rawley 07-01-2003 10:01 AM

I make no bones about the fact I am in terrible shape. After being injured 2.5 years ago, I have lost about 15 lbs of lean muscle mass and have gone from 11.5% bf to somewhere ~15% (I'm a 34 F by the way). I tried training w/kbs about a year ago, but that just made things worse. I used to do Oly-lifting and the erg machine religiously, but right now I can do neither. My question is, can I do/modify the crossfit program to meet my specific needs and still get some benefit? The injuries are shoulder subluxation - which I am in the process of trying to fix without surgery - and degeneration in two lumbar intervertebral discs. Has anyone else had either of these problems and recovered enough to train with the crossfit program?

I am in the tricky spot right now of being unacceptable to myself, yet having no recourse to change it.

Janet Fisher 07-12-2003 01:00 PM

Hi, Justin.

I know there are several people in this newsgroup who are recovering from injuries, including back and neck injuries. I've heard at least one of those people (who will probably respond) say that they were told by doctors after a back injury that they would never lift more than 30 pounds again, and yet they're deadlifting way over their bodyweight now because they did what they could (CrossFit and O-lifting) and progressed slowly and carefully. I feel like I have shoulder/collarbone issues going on right now, but technique plays a huge role in whether I can move my shoulder a day after a workout.

I think you can totally modify the program however you need for now, as long as you still get the hormonal response from the type of exercise that CrossFit and O-lifting give. I think the CrossFit theory is described well in the October 2002 ([url=][/url]) and November 2002 journals.

You probably shouldn't tune your initial technique without someone who's experienced. Are you anywhere near Seattle WA, Soquel California, or near any other affiliate? Could you travel to either place for a weekend or something?

(What's 34 F?)

Justin Rawley 07-21-2003 07:05 PM

Janet, 34 F is a 34 year old female. I am in NC but I may get out that way some time. We have some pretty good o-lifting trainers here but almost no-one does k-bells with the exception of some RKC certified people at Ft Bragg. I did work with Mike Mahler for a day on kettlebell lifts but I haven't been able to do much since then. Right now I am staying away from all dynamic lifting, however, I think I can see ways to modify the crossfit program to suit my particular needs. I am hoping eventually to use the rings and parallel bars as my primary means of strength training. The muscle up will probably be the most dynamic exercise I will do.

Janet Fisher 07-27-2003 11:14 AM

Cool, if you do head out here, lemme know!

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