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Wim Lokate 01-04-2007 01:32 AM

A long time ago 1-2 years I have started the WOD's. But then I stopped because I always have the need to try other routines because I think they are maybay better.
I am a male martial artist (46 years off age) and I want to train strength and endurance to supplement my martial arts training.
At last I have decided to start Crossfit again because I like the WOD's very much, its short, heavy and a good supplementary training for martial arts.
I try to train in the morning so when I have the time at night I can train martial arts.
Its a good way to start the day and it gives me a good feeling to know that I have traint already.

But I have a few questions.
1. The greatest problem with other routines was that you have to do the same exercises 2 times (or more) per week).
So after a few weeks I get bored.
I have read the Crossfit warming-up and I dont know if it is necassary to do them always before a WOD.
I try to train 5 days a week, I dont follow the exact rest days because I dont train on sundays for example.
So I start on monday and then I have 3 or 5 days when I have to do the same warming-up (meaning pull-ups, dips etc. everyday).
Do you think its good to do these exercises so often?

2. The WOD from today is 5 sets off 5 reps off squats.
Do you mean to do the warming-up and then doiing 5 sets off 5 reps off squats and then the workout is done?

3. Are there more martial artist outthere who use the WOD's to the letter and use it for supplementing their martial arts training?

Okay, thats all.
I think its good that I have tried other programms to. Now I know that Crossfit is the programm for me.

Mitchell Brown 01-04-2007 05:23 AM

A search in Crosspit might help your martial art questions. I've found that the warm up is a good stable thing to be doing, as it is good maintenance when you might favour some WOD's over others. As for today's WOD, yes it is just the warmups and then squats.

Beau Bryant 01-04-2007 05:38 AM

You can find many answers to those questions if you spend some time and read everything you can on this site.
I will answer your warmup question from my experience. Do the CFWU before every workout, especially if you are just beginning CF. I was never a WU person and for several months didn't do the CFWU. Once I started it religiously I have made huge gains in a short amount of time. Don't short change the warm up, do it with perfect form every time and I'm willing to bet you see overall performance results.

Larry Lindenman 01-04-2007 06:20 AM

Wim, welcome back. In truth, you do not have to do the CF warm-up prior to every WOD. It will not hurt you, because you are doing submaximal loads...if you could do 10 pullups, do sets of 3 in your warm-up. The more you do an exercise, the better you become, which leads to great ability to push intensity. The warm-up is practice, just like your martial arts practice. Every exercise we do is a skill, the warm-up lets you prefect that skill. I have practiced martial arts since 1980, I do the WODs as prescribed and still train. Todays WOD is warm-up to your 5 rep maximum, then do 5 sets at your 5 RM. You may not complete 5 reps in set 5...don't worry about it. The next time we do this workout, bump the weight up by 5 or so pounds. Again, good to see you back...comit for 6 months and your world will be changed.

Wim Lokate 01-04-2007 07:00 AM

Thank you guys, feels like stepping in a warm bad :bangin:
I know for sure that I will stick to the WOD's.
Today I started with the WOD from thuesday (400 m run followed by 10 barbell trusthers).
I substituted running for punching the heavy bag for 1,5 minutes because its not easy to take the weights all the way down (I train at the top off my house).

I thought that I would start with half the weight suggested, man, I couldnt even do that!!
So I started with 20 kilo's. At first I want to quit after 3 rounds but thats not me. I just finished all the 5 rounds, out off breath...
Are there realy people outthere who can manage the pricribed 60 kilo's?
Man, they are strong.
The warming-up went fine. I could do a lott off pull-ups.
Its more that I was out of breath after the whole session.
When you look at it on paper it seems nothing, but when you give it a try, man!
Its now 1 hour later and I feel great.
Better then after a traditional weighttraining routine. Then maybay you feel stronger but now I feel stronger and more energetic.

Thanks again for your respons. I know I will not stop again.

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