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Mitchell Brown 07-20-2006 12:15 AM

I don't like eating so much fruit and veg in the morning to increase low glycemic carbs, so insteads I have been eating oats in soy milk. I've been singing the praises of it all week, until someone said to me last night that soy milk has a lot of chemicals in it and that it is not natural at all.

Also, someone told me that corn wasn't zone as it was complex carb because it had a lot of starch. Is this true?

Scott Kustes 07-20-2006 06:05 AM

Anything is Zone...the Zone is a macronutrient partitioning framework (40C/30P/30F). Corn is not Paleo as it is a grain. There is alot of information regarding the detriments of soy in the search function.

Clay Jones 07-22-2006 08:06 PM

Try using almond milk instead--I switched to vanilla flavored almond milk a year ago, and I love it. Of course, all milk substitutes have added sugar . . . .

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