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Ian Henderson Harte 04-23-2006 06:20 PM

I'm struggling down range trying to eat right. Our chow halls (when available) offer mostly fried food or broiled meats. Veggies are normally steamed to the point of mush.
So I guess my question would be how to I get the proper nutrition to sustain my body and make some muscle gains. I've been chugging V8 and eating as much roast beef as possible. I'm taking a good multivitamin. Should I think about supplementing with a protein shake? I'd appreciate your opinions, thanks much. - Harte

Jeff Bearden 04-24-2006 03:50 AM


It is a struggle. Depending on your mess hall especially. I just did the best I could with protein shakes and tuna fish. Not much you can do as far as the veggies go. Hang in there brother, it's only temporary. HOOAH!

P.S. I've always said that you can always tell the Cav, but you can't tell them much. LOL

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