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Court Wing 09-17-2004 11:06 AM

Ok, I think that was my first Diane yesterday but definitely not the first time doing DL's under the CrossFit regimen. Two years ago when I first started to learn DL's on my own from "Power to the People", I got sloppy on the form and messed up my back, couldn't walk, heard funny noises, felt sharp, shooting asymmetrical pain that created the sensation of an elevator having it's cable cut. Then this past summer I trained at CF North with Nick & Dave and all the gang learning correct technique. So two weeks ago hit a PR in the DL at 290 lbs and then yesterday did OK with Diane. Today my lower back has a, shall we say, deep but mild symmetrical ache and still feels as if it wants to contract in order to maintain that lodortic arch, plus I don't feel very mobile and I definitely feel tired. Better? Normal? Recomended stretches?
Nick, if you see this, (or anyone else) I'm also wondering what the effect of all this core strengthening might be on my diaphramic "voice work" ala Acting voice work like Alexander? My voice is my platinum card but I love CrossFit, so I want to find a way that works for both.

Paul Scott Suliin 09-18-2004 11:54 AM

I dunno about anyone else, but Diane wrecked me. I'm mostly just muscle-sore, but there's also an occasional twinge in my lower back. I've got enough lifting experience to recognize an injury, and I don't think this is bad. But between Diane and the benches on Tuesday (which I'm still feeling!) my pecs, traps, and deltoids want to sit down for a serious heart to heart about the working conditions around here.

Larry Lindenman 09-18-2004 02:42 PM

Paul LOL, me too. Got a PR of 7:30 and been paying for it ever since!

Robert Wolf 09-21-2004 09:18 AM

It is a fine line between pushing hard enough for an adaptive stimulus and just a smidge harder to break one a bit! There is not an easy answer other than one can not push the envelope with every effort. some days are phoned in a bit and just keep the system going. No hard science here, If you do not have a coach monitoring your training and asking the right questions then that job falls to you.

Keep us posted

Court Wing 09-21-2004 11:10 PM

Have not done anything since Diane and have been contending with my back feeling very cramped since Thur. Doing lots of stretches and even some ibuprophen. Have not done a single workout since Diane this week. Then I finally got sick of gimping around and did Gwen tonight. Pain does some odd things; really brought out my MHF and so I had to do super strict form and really work on pushing those hips back and under and driving my elbows up and forward. Also used a clean development exercise that Lincoln posted. Then for the first time I used the hook grip and my form seemed to really improve just from using this! Go figure...I was pretty sore during the workout but then a little while after the cramping had really diminished. So I'm going to give it a roll again tomorrow. What d'ya know? The cause of the ill is also the cure.

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