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Frank Leblanc 02-16-2012 08:21 PM

brand new !
Hey guys,

My crossfit gym is CrossfitMontreal
both trainers i had so far are amazing.

I just started crossfit this week, so on Monday I have done the first part of phase 1 and today I did the second part.

I'm 5'11 and 220lbs, I do a bit of dragon boating but only once a week during autumn and winter. and havent done much, just getting back to training and I want to lose those extra pount, get fit and get cardio.

Part one consisted of a show around of the gym, a 500m warmup on the C2 then our coach began to show us 4 different squats. We did the regular one, the one with a bar that you hold below your chin with your elbows as straight as you can with the floor, then the one with the bar a bit behind your head with your arms straight locked up and the last one.. a mini squat, not very low still with the bar and then bang to the top arms lock with the bar....

That was the warmup and how to do those drills.

Then we had the training which consisted of 300m of C2, 20 regular squats and 15 mini squats and bang to the top with the bar ( dont know the name ). As much as we could in 15 mins...

I was dead ! It hurt for a few days and still did before my Part2.

now tonight was the part 2.

My trainer showed me how to do the warmup.

Warmup was: 10 burpees.

Then he showed me to do all the other exercises and I did them a few times too. Jump on a wood box, do a jump pullup, burpees. Then I did 5 burpees, 10 box jump, 10 jump pullup as much as I could for 5 mins... then a little break...

Then he showed me the 2nd part which was: deadlift with just the bar, a few other things with the lifts which I dont remember the names... lift the bar with a sumo stance... lift the bar up to the neck... and another one. Then the kettle bell and the medicine ball to the top wall and squat at the same time...

wow... it was hard... then I did the following for 15 mins, as much as I could.
10 deadlifts with the bar + 10lbs each side, 10 medicine ball squat 5kg and 5 pushups...

damn it hurts, will I walk tomorrow ???

But I have to keep it up !!! and continue so I can reach my goal which is loose weight, gain lost of cardio and build up muscles...

Thanks, and I love reading you guys !!


Cecilia Garrec 02-18-2012 12:39 PM

Re: brand new !
Great to hear how it was for you. I'm still waiting for the crossfit Paris to open up (probably in May) and am so interested in knowing how the first day will go. Thanks for sharing! Keep up the good workouts!

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