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Stephen R. Lampl 01-29-2009 10:34 PM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In
[quote=Diane Dennis;505752][B]Yesterday[/B]
I used all of my balance and agility gained through CrossFit to navigate my way to and from work via foot and public transportation during the worst freezing rain that I have seen in a long time. I thought I might have to crawl across the Clemente bridge but some guy wearing boots with sharp metal cleats let me hang on to his arm. Whoo – bad stuff. Got home and had a drink instead of going to the gym.

Ran (sort of) to the GLBBG – worked with trainer

2 min plank
30 sit ups
21 burpees
21 dumbbell swings

DLs: 8 x 85#; 6 x 105#; 4 x 125#; 2 x 145#; 1 x 165# (PR)

100 jumping jacks
2 min plank

Had to cut the workout short in order to catch the bus and still make it to work on time. Roads still too dicey to venture out in my car.[/quote]

Hey Diane,

Boy have you had your share of nasty weather back there! Great WO despite all the jumping through hoops just to get to your gym....Geez. Congrats on the DL PR! Awesome!

Stephen R. Lampl 01-29-2009 10:36 PM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In
[quote=Mark Ervi;505784]Today, Did CFWUx3 w/assisted dips

Did modified “Elizabeth” with 65lb. squat cleans and assisted dips.
My time: 13:56

Then did 65lb. shoulder press
21-15-9 reps

Did assisted pull-ups 21-15-9 reps

I have previously done "Elizabeth" with 90lb. squat cleans, but wanted to go lighter to make sure my groin injury did not become a problem.[/quote]

Great job, Mark! Awesome time, scaled or not!! Hope the injury is feeling better.

[quote=Mark Ervi;505791]Stephen and Diane, Congrats on the PR's.

Stephen, the pressure is on. I will be chasing that Thruster weight.

Diane, I wish the computer worked on the rower at my gym, so I could gauge my performance. All I get to do is sit down and row for 2 minutes, 5 minutes, whatever, with know awareness of how much I am improving or not.[/quote]

Thanks, Mark. You'll be there with the Thrusters in no time. Sucks that your rower's computer is not working!

Mark Ervi 01-30-2009 10:53 AM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In
Did “Nicole”
AMRAP in 20 mins. 400m run and max rep pull-ups.

I did 5 rounds and 39 total pull-ups (8-10-7-8-6)

I was slowed in the running by my injury. PR for number of pull-ups.

Diane Dennis 01-30-2009 06:22 PM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In
Mark - Great pull-up PR on Nicole - and props for running with the injury - keep it slow and don't make it worse!

Stephen - How in heaven's name did you row with a sore back?!? You are turning into a real tough guy!

Glad to be associated with you guys!!

No workout again today. Fighting the weather to get to my job is eating up my "free time" that I use for workouts. Will get back to it tomorrow morning.

Terry Dickman 01-31-2009 11:26 AM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In
Did CrossFit Total today 1/31/09

Shoulder press; 145
Back Squat; 275
Deadlift; 365

CFT; 785

Diane Dennis 01-31-2009 04:26 PM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In
Terry - Remember that first picture you posted of yourself and I said that you looked young and strong - Well, your CrossFit total proves it - young and strong! I think you're pulling our leg about the over-50 thing!


Ran to CLBBG with hubby

Lateral dumbbell swings (each arm) - 20 x 12#, 20 x 15#, 20 x 12#
800m run on treadmill
lunge walks - 50 steps, 50 steps with 25# dumbbells, 50 steps
2 min elbow plank
800 m run on treadmill
assisted pullups - 12 - 12 - 12
2 min elbow plank

Push Press - 12 x 55, 12 x 65, 12 x 70
SDLHPs - 20 x 55 (tweaked back a bit - took short rest), 20 X 55 (back OK)
Push Press - 12 x 65

500m row 20:09 with good form

Raced husband home (he beat me and even taunted me!)

Diane Dennis 02-01-2009 09:39 AM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In
[B][FONT="Arial Black"]SUPER BOWL 43 WOD[/FONT][/B]

"Jumping for the Steelers"

43 jumping jacks
43 rope jumps (alternating SU-DU)
43 box jumps
43 jumping jacks
43 rope jumps (alternating SU-DU)
43 squat jumps
43 jumping jacks
43 rope jumps (alternating SU-DU)

[B][FONT="Arial Black"][COLOR="Yellow"]

Mark Ervi 02-01-2009 07:13 PM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In
Took Rest Day yesterday because I went out of town.

Today, I did CFWUx3 w/assisted dips.

Did Back squats
10x45, 10x65, 10x75

3 sets of 10x45

Did Clean and Jerk
6 sets 5x85

Pull-ups w/extra weight
2 sets of 3 reps w/25lbs.

Bench Press

Mark Ervi 02-02-2009 07:45 AM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In
Did CFWUx3 w/assisted dips and pull-ups

Then did 60 pull-ups and 60 dips (16 unassisted/34 w/light assist) for time.
My time: 18:33

Terry Dickman 02-02-2009 10:25 PM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In
Thanks for the compliment on the CFT Diane....I wish I was pulling your leg.
I use to do a lot of lifting back in the day, training for football...but much different than CrossFit....I am finding many of the things we were taught are not right. I have been learning a ton from our affiliate.

Congrats on the Steelers win! I thought it was going to be a blow out after the first quarter. The Cardinals played a great was very exciting, on or two plays and could have been the other way. I bet you were sweating it the last 2 minutes :D.

Did this WOD tonight....I was chasing this 20 year old college kid (baseball player) through the whole thing..he was killing it at the end and beat me by 40 seconds.

WOD 2-2-09
Five rounds for time:
400m Run
30 Box Jumps
30 Wall Ball Shots, 20/16

My Time 31:38

PS...Love the new avatar Stephen!

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