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ryan evans 04-18-2006 05:40 AM


I've perused crossfit for a couple months now, and yesterday I decided to jump into the fold with the workout of the day. I'm competing in a san shou tournament in June, and I've been looking for a way to get some more gas in my tank. I'm 6'2", 248lbs and 28 years old. I'm not in fantastic shape, but I did make it through the WOD substituting 20lb thruster for the wall ball. I've never done a clean or a snatch before, so I'm not sure if my form was right. My legs are pretty toasted today. My diet is pretty clean now, last week was an exception. My sparring coach doesn't want me to cut any weight, as I will not lower a weight class in two months, so my goals are to add functional strength and endurance.

The closest my legs have felt like this has been pushing a pickup truck in neutral back and forth in a parking lot for 20 minutes.

My diet when I watch it is really clean, very close to the 40/30/30 zone.

I'm in the Orlando area, and I may try to make it up to Jacksonville after my tournament to train with some supervision.

Thanks Crossfit!

Larry Lindenman 04-18-2006 12:42 PM

Good job on the WOD! Best bet is to concentrate on eating cleanly, don't worry about dropping body mass...the drop will be in fat and will lead to an increase in your endurance. You may even stay the same weight due to muscle gain. Taper the WOD's two weeks out from your event. I would do half volume two weeks out and off one week out (just light stretching and form work..SPP).

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