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Jason R O'Dell 04-10-2009 08:17 AM

Re: Training for Power without Olympic Lifts
[QUOTE=Jacob Cloud;563107]OCD, or ADD?[/QUOTE]

OCD. I want to do everything. So I fixed my clean problem (i'll pony up the dough when i get ahold of it for one session) now I'm on to my next problem which still fits in with the power motif of this thread because people were mentioning sprinting.

Before I discovered CF that was my biggest problem in the gym. I'd want to accomplish everything with one workout so I'd end up not doing a whole lot of anything because I'm trying to create the perfect workout. I still have that problem. I want to do everything, but I don't just go to the gym and do a bit of everything accomplishing nothing now. I go and I do the WoD and maybe something extra. But, I get a better workout than I ever did before when I was just going "Man I gotta hit power, speed, strength, size, etc. on this very workout here. I'll run on the treadmill, no! Time to bench! No! Time to do this! No!" Now it's like "Man I want to do everything! Better hit the WoD!" and when I finish that I'm either pooped or I hit a feel-good tabata on the bike and then head home.
Can't help it. I'm one of those people.

Jamie J. Skibicki 04-10-2009 08:33 AM

Re: Training for Power without Olympic Lifts
DO bounds to work on your stride.

Jason R O'Dell 04-10-2009 08:36 AM

Re: Training for Power without Olympic Lifts
[QUOTE=Jamie J. Skibicki;563131]DO bounds to work on your stride.[/QUOTE]

What's a bound? Seriously.

Because right now when i try to stride it feels like I'm moving slowly.

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