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Rob Lorenzini 04-23-2008 09:21 AM

Odd Knee Pain on left knee
The URL below goes a picture which shows where my left knee hurts.


The injury occured during the 5x5 back squats 2 days ago. I only get the pain on the way up whilst doing full ROM squats & parallel squats, it is far more intense the lower I go.... half squats, running or power cleans etc do not cause any pain. Neither does walking or quad stretches.

The issue is on my left knee and I would describe the location as the anterior lateral portion of the knee. The pain is not on the patella at all.

I ran a marathon in 2000 and got a wicked case of ITB (on my right knee). The pain I am having are remarkably similiar to the knee pain associated with ITB.

There in no visible swelling and it does not feel swollen. I have been RICEing but really it does not feel any better.

Any ideas? :thanx: in advance....

Steven Low 04-23-2008 06:10 PM

Re: Odd Knee Pain on left knee
In the joint? just outside?

Do your ITB stuff from last time and see if that helps. o_O

Rob Lorenzini 04-24-2008 04:36 AM

Re: Odd Knee Pain on left knee
Outside the joint... I am doing the ITB stretches from before I will report back

Justin McGinley 04-24-2008 12:51 PM

Re: Odd Knee Pain on left knee
I had GREAT success rehabbing an ITB injury using a foam roller. If you don't already have one, get one. I'll occasionally get ITB related pain in my knee, and after a day or two of foam rolling its gone.

Rob Lorenzini 04-24-2008 04:18 PM

Re: Odd Knee Pain on left knee
I am a huge fan of the foam roller, I do own 1. Although I am not sure it is ITB quite yet... I will try it though. Thanks for the advice.

Rob Lorenzini 04-29-2008 08:15 PM

Re: Odd Knee Pain on left knee
Well the knee pain is gone... nearly a week of scaling, being cautious and lots-o-stretching paid off.

It must have been some sort of knee strain/minor sprain, it was very sharp and painful. I believe it was from getting too cool between the sets, I cool down pretty fast.

Did a set of 270 lbs Front Squats for 3 today so my knee is pretty much back to normal.

I have taken to wearing Neoprene sleeves on my knees after from some advice I got from another lifter. They are not real tight, just snug enough so they do not fall down and keep my knees warm.

It really helps the joints stay warm between sets....

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