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Nada Hassan 06-19-2017 11:19 AM

Bar crashing, catching it too low?
In my clean by the time i catch the bar i am already in a deep squat and im stuck there , what should i fix to be able to catch bar , drive it down , then squat it up right away without stopping in the hole. As i am sure rebounding it will add like 10-15 lb to the lift.

Can't upload it here so here is a link for youtube (wfs)

P.s. if you catch anything even if its not related to the crashing of the bar , let me know ! I could use all the help i could get :)

Alex Burden 06-19-2017 12:05 PM

Re: Bar crashing, catching it too low?
There is absolutely nothing wrong with your meeting of the bar, you pull yourself under nice and low. This is the hardest thing for people to fix. You look nice and vertical and your elbows are high which also means the bar is resting correctly in the front rack position.

You need to work on your front squat and build up your strength. This is your weak link.

Nada Hassan 06-19-2017 04:53 PM

Re: Bar crashing, catching it too low?
But when i watch almost all the top olympic lifters they rebound the squat so instead of sitting in the hole and waiting for the bar then standing up from dead stop they sort of take the bar down with them then rebound it and go up right away.

Also my front squat is 295lb and this is 245lb but the 295 is not with a pause but that the thing anyways i dont want my squat in the clean to be from a pause or grom a dead stop , i want it to be rebounded.

Alex Burden 06-20-2017 12:30 AM

Re: Bar crashing, catching it too low?
The bounce all depends upon the weight and not all of them make it up or under the bar when it gets heavy.

For example i front squat 125kgs at the moment and i am 47yrs old but my squat clean is 106kgs. Even though i squat more it does not mean my clean will be the same due to the set up and the lifts being different.

There is so much difference between starting in a standing rack position and starting from the floor.

Increase your front squat and your squat clean will also improve.

Nada Hassan 06-21-2017 12:25 PM

Re: Bar crashing, catching it too low?
Thanks for the advise :)
I was just thinking that mabye im dropping under too much so the bar crashes in me instead if me receiving it and riding it down , because i rarely see people catching it the way i do and then standing it up , most people just bounce out of the bottom .

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