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Daniel Ramos 03-05-2003 01:28 PM

Ok, I'm gonna do this wokout tonight. I'm pretty sure I could do the double body weight deadlifts since I weight about 164 and have done it before for 20 reps. The thing is this; if I do it I have no doubt in my mind I will only get 1 round and maybe start the second set of deadlifts within the 20 minutes (big maybe,I'll probably get the first round done in unde 10 and spend the rest of the time trying to get of the floor).

Any how my question is... would it be beter to do this or to lower the weight to 1.5 body weight and have a chance at maybe 3 rounds during that time? What is more inportant in this case, the volume or the intensity? I am leaning towards lowering the weight, either way will kill me, but just in a slightly diferent way.

happy training

Coach 03-05-2003 04:19 PM


The idea for the higher load is twofold: we get exposure to a higher load at a higher heart rate and secondly it encourages/demands interval management, i.e., deliberately choosing when and for how long to rest. What seems frustrating - standing around trying to get it together before continuing - is a critical mental and physical skill. This component is missing in even super rigorous workouts that allow for constant movement.

Both approaches are equally legitimate but train for different adaptations and demands.

Coach 03-05-2003 04:55 PM


Your question is a natural one but, alas, Patrick's answer though terse, is the correct one.

Let the grip be the weak link - work without benefit of straps - and several things will occur:

1. Your deadlift will not become what it might have been otherwise.
2. Your grip will become what it could never be with the straps.
3. Your deadlift will eventually exceed, substantially, what you'd have thought possible without straps - even if you are a ten year veteran of competitive powerlifting, you will be surprised at the grips development.
4. You will be working functionally letting the weak links manifest and correct naturally. We can't ask for more than that.

wrist straps=grip weakeners

Daniel Ramos 03-05-2003 06:10 PM


I decided to go with the heavier weight and see what happened. I warmed up to 330 (164*2 rounded up) it felt heavy and kind of intimidating since I hadn't done regular deads in close to two years (lots of cleans and snatches though). So I started and when I got to the deads I was predictably winded since I tried to go pretty fast on the bike. The set of twelve became a collection of loosely connected singles, doubles and triples but I finished the reps and flopped to the floor. There I started the second set doing push ups in the same spot where I had fallen. The second mile was quite a bit slower. When I got to the deadlift again I had 3 minutes left. Decided to wait a minute for my heart rate to lower. After the rest I tried to start my set hoping to get at leas 6 more but my legs just wouldn't tense up enough to get the bar going. Rested 30 more seconds and tried it again.... no cigar.
So time ran out on me and as I predicted I was left half way through my second round (ok maybe a third of the way).

Self fulfilling profesy:sad:

happy training

Matt Midcap 03-06-2003 12:53 AM

Janet - I'm with you. I have a lot of catching up to do! I feel like a wus compared to these other monsters:sad: I'm 170. Did it with 175. I'm a little scronny I guess. I am seeing results though, even though I've only been doing CrossFit for about 8 weeks. I'm sore - but pumped! But I plan on working hard and catching up to these He-men:proud:

Great workout Coach and very impressive guys!


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