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Carrie Klumpar 07-02-2006 09:20 AM

Another issue full of goodies just came out:

• “The Grinder: CrossFit Operations Order #1": A brass-tacks implementation plan for a large-group CrossFit workout, in standard NATO Operations Order format. Who, what, where, when, why, and how, in language military officers know and love. Hopefully the first in a series. Let us know what you think of it.

• “Fit to Eat: Spicy Summer Barbeque”: The flavor of this month is a perfect 4-blocker of spiced meat (and veggies). Not for buttercups. Chef Benjamin Sims brings us more real food: fresh, seasonal, and in the Zone.

• “Parkour Basics, Part 3: Jumping”: The latest in Jesse Woody’s series on parkour fundamentals. It can seem less than “fundamental” when you see the pics of his cool precision jump from one handrail to another, but he breaks down the basics of jumping and makes them approachable even for mere mortals.

• “The Deadlift”: Mark Rippetoe does it again, this time with a no-nonsense look at the deadlift. And with the added bonus of his top-secret strategy for increasing your 1RM seated alternate dumbbell Swiss ball press. Not to be missed.

• “Combat Calisthenics”: Expert defensive tactics, combatives, and martial arts teacher and researcher Tony Blauer lays out his system of combat/fighting/self-defense physical conditioning, and how it and CrossFit are a match made in hell—for your opponent.

• “The Back Handspring”: Roger Harrell walks us through training the back handspring. Apparently, you really have to “sit back” at the beginning.

• “The CrossFit Insurgency:” In case you’re not in a position to issue an outright Operations Order to get your group doing CrossFit PT, Scott Satterlee gives an example and tips for staging a an effective revolution from within.

• Plus “Get Schooled,” a little reminder about the upcoming first-ever CrossFit Training Seminar in San Diego. This big CF-palooza is just two weeks away, so if you haven’t registered yet, you’d better get crackin’!

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