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Aaron Forgue 06-13-2007 05:29 AM

Hello All,

I just wanted to officially introduce myself to the community. My name is Aaron Forgue and I live in West Chester, OH (a suburb of Cincinnati).

I am one of those who came across CrossFit in a rather roundabout way:

1. Found the "300"/Gym Jones training video
2. Got really interested in Gym Jones and Mark Twight; even read "Kiss or Kill" (which I though was fantastic)
3. Dug deeper on Gym Jones and came across
4. Got super-excited, started building my own equipment (parallettes, rings, plyo-box, pull-up bar, etc.)
5. Found Ben Kaminski of and went to work out with him and some other local Crossfitters (Andrea & Jess).

I've had a wonderful experience thus far with CrossFit. I have already started to see results and look forward to making this a life-long pursuit!

Thanks to everyone who makes CrossFit the great program and community that it is!


Ben Kaminski 06-13-2007 08:32 AM

Hey Aaron,

Great to meet you last weekend. See you Sunday!


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