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Ron Fielder 03-26-2007 02:09 PM

Sunday March 26, 2007 I entered a crazy event with a friend of mine.
It was in Sabinal, Tx. There claim to fame is a "Wild Hog Festival" that they have once a year.
During the festival they have an event where you have to catch a hog a put it in a burlap sack and drag it across a line painted on the ground.
Fastest 3 times place.
Well, it was my first time and we placed fifth but it was one hell of a rush.
The hog was completely wild, weighed at least 80lbs and was very [color=ff0000][/color][color=ff0000][/color][color=ff0000][/color][color=ff0000][/color][color=ff0000][/color][color=ff0000][/color].
I thought that you might enjoy the vid.
The animal wasn't harmed.
Some may like it some may not but it was crazy.

Paul Findley 03-26-2007 02:20 PM

Nothing goes better together than hog wrastlin' and AC/DC!

The strength of animals is amazing, no doubt, probably due in part that they think they are about to be eaten, could have been the smell from the BBQ too.

Mark Miller 03-26-2007 02:50 PM

After viewing the video I see your strategy. Fit, agile guy captures hog, big guy holds hog down. Interesting sport.

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