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Dave Young 04-25-2006 03:35 PM

In case you missed the announcement on Sunday's CrossFit Live, Peter Dreissagacker announced that he has added a CrossFit-specific section to the Concept 2 website. There's some good stuff on there and worth checking out. Here's the link:


Concept 2 is listening to the CrossFit commuinity right now and wants your input. They're also ready to support us all in any way they can. Take some time and drop them a note.

Bryan Veis 04-25-2006 09:12 PM

I hope no one minds my chiming in, being pretty new at this ([i]i.e.[/i], CrossFit). The company, C2, probably sees an opportunity to sell more equipment. Nothing wrong with that, it's good equipment (I have a Model D, and have rowed more than 2 million meters on it), and selling equipment is their business. They have tremendous customer service, too. I think it's a great company.

That being said, don't expect much out of the rowing [i]community[/i]. I and a few others brought up CrossFit on their old forum (since shut down due to hacking, and replaced with an entirely new website) and got a lot of hostility. "It's dangerous!" "Stupid!" "Pointless!" etc. The rowing community, unfortunately, seems very insular, and the [i]indoor[/i] rowing community even more so. There are a few people who have a broader view of fitness, but not many.

If you want to spend a lot of time on a rower, then C2 has a great deal to offer. They sponsor and/or coordinate a large number of rowing events. Between the company and some very knowledgeable rowers and coaches, they offer some excellent training programs -- the "Wolverine Plan" and the "Pete Plan" are two popular and effective plans, but unless you row on the water, you are really just spending a great deal of time training for a made-up "sport." While they talk about the health benefits (and they are real), there is very little effort to tailor training for health benefits or to measure them when they occur. Training is all about improving 2K times. The assumption is that improvements in 2k times are the major (and perhaps only) measure of improvement in fitness.

Carrie Klumpar 04-28-2006 02:16 AM


The way I see it, that's where we come in. Yeah, sure, the folks at C2 have seen how much the CF community is growing, and how adamantly many of us advocate their product, and they’re not morons about the sales potential there. They’re also seeing how we’ve adapted it to our purposes and are using it in ways that no one else is. They seem genuinely interested in learning from us how we're using their tool in new and and less specialized, ways. If we teach them about what we’re doing, and then they incorporate our kinds of uses into their teaching and marketing, that may reach at least some folks in the rowing communities, indoor & outdoor. We learn about technique from them, maybe get a discount, and they expand their thinking about rowing beyond monostructural training and the 2K and help promote functional fitness, CF-style. All to the good, IMO.

Of course, none of this disputes anything you said. Just a slightly different perspective on it. I certainly agree with you that the rower and rowing, like the other apparatus and specialties incorporated into CF, is just a tool. It’s a means, not an end.

P.S. I think I can safely say no one minds your chiming in (especially with a measured and well-written post). That's what the message board is for. Welcome.

Bryan Veis 04-28-2006 03:58 AM

Thanks for the welcome, Carrie.

I initially bought my C2 rower for the use of my two younger daughters (at least that's what I told my wife). They're both high school rowers. One of my goals for the post-season (in a month or so) is to introduce them to Crossfit to train for next season.

Every year, I set up a conditioning program for them, but it seems to fall apart because of teenage-short-attention-span syndrome. Additionally, of course, on-water rowers view the erg as a necessary evil, which becomes much less necessary off-season, when there's no coach or team to push them to get on it.

I'm hoping that the variety here (in addition to its obvious physical benefits) will keep them focused and interested in a way that an erg-centered program clearly does not. (Now, you might think that sisters with a common athletic interest would push [i]each other[/i], but since they row for two different -- arch-rival -- high schools, that just doesn't happen. The trash-talk can get erally ugly in my house.)

Anyway, I guess that my family will be a laboratory for the cross-pollination between the two communities.

Larry Lindenman 04-28-2006 04:45 AM

Bryan, I like it! You think rowing arguements could get ugly, wait till you start timing WODs! CF is going to give your girls the edge when the season starts, keep us informed.

Bryan Veis 04-28-2006 05:08 AM


Fortunately, my oldest daughter will be home for the summer. She's a boxer, and looks at it as her job to keep the other two in line. She does pretty well at it, too. The only thing the younger ones can agree on is being mad at the oldest.

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