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Daniel Ramos 11-06-2003 12:50 PM

So I was walking around home depot when I saw what might be the perfect answer to my ringlesnes (is that a word????:lame:). SOLID OAK TOWEL RINGS!!!!. At a cost off $5.49 each and a little sawing, sanding and repainting they will look like smaller versions of real gimnastics rings. My hands are not that big so I dont think the size will bother me but I have a few questions on how to set them up.

I was thinking about nylon towing straps looped inside the rings. Is there a particular reason loop them inside the ring? These rings come with a side tha kinda protrudes (great description huh) wish is the part that hangs on the wall normaly. Could I make a hole trough that and put a small strong rope through it? is there a particular realon why straps go inside of rings?? Maybe there is a need for the ring to slide withing the loops???

My other question is regarding grip. I've seen some pics that look like some grip tape has been added to the inside of the ring? Am i seing things or is this the way to go??

thanks for any answers
sorry for the length of the post

Roger Harrell 11-06-2003 01:28 PM

Not sure about the structural integrity of the towel rings. What's the diameter of the wood, not the ring but the loop part of the ring. Eg how thick is the wood? Also is it oak carved from a single piece of wood, layered, etc? Keep in mind the ring was designed to hold a towel, not a person. You might be just fine, but definately do some strength tests with them before trusting them to hold your weight. I can pretty much guarantee the manufacturer will tell you that they won't hold that much weight from a liability standpoint.

The grip tape is used only if the rings are used solely for conditioning purposes. If the rings are to be swung on, then you don't want grip tape cause you'll just mangle the grip tape, but then I wouldn't want to swing on towel rings anyway.

Daniel Ramos 11-06-2003 02:15 PM

Thanks Roger

I have no ilusions about the structural integrity of the rings. I see this as an 11 dolar experiment. Since the highest place I have to hang them from is about 12 feet tall I dont see any real danger in trying them out.

I will go with the grip tape, since I have no intention of swinging on thes rings. Pull ups dips, muscle ups, front levers , maybe iron croses are all I will be trying on them for know.

thanks for your input.

Tyler Hass 11-07-2003 03:00 AM

It sounds like you're using common sense on this. I definitely would be very careful, especially with dips. If one ring breaks, you will be in a very precarious position. You cannot support yourself with only one ring.
The grip tape you see is a Power Rings thing only. I designed them from the ground up to be used for training purposes. Traditional rings are wooden and most gymnasts wear special grips and lots of chalk. I think the grip tape on the Power Rings helps for people that do not necessarily want to chalk up. For gymnastics though, the tape comes undone pretty easily if you swing and wearing grips will simply rip it to shreds.
The new Power Rings are made of steel tubing, 1.25" thick and extremely strong. They are powder coated with a light "crinkle" texture, so the grip tape might not be necessary. They are hung by 4000 lbs nylon webbing and a 4000 lbs. buckle. It adjusts quickly from overhead for pullups to the floor for pushups. They are not really geared towards gymnasts, but I have sold a few to gymnasts and clubs.
Daniel, I would be very careful with muscle-ups too as they can be somewhat ballistic, especially on the lowering phase. Same for crosses. Best of luck and be safe!
And good news on the newly redesigned steel Power Rings. I am expecting that the first ones will go out the door today (friday) and all orders will be fulfilled by mid next week.


David Heyer 11-08-2003 07:47 AM

TEN BUCKS!?!?! Way too much for my cheap self.
If they are solid, you could probably use them.
I have two sets of rings. One is a solid steel set (I had a welder friend make) that is attatched with 3/4" nylon rope. I have them taped up (I don't allow my students to swing on them). They are for conditioning purposes only.
The second set is my "traveling set". It was made with 1/2" rope and 2-18" pieces of THICK hose attached to each end and tied off to form a large "C". This works great for all conditioning exercises (I would NEVER do swinging type movements though). I taped these too.


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