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Erin Hightower 10-07-2011 11:05 AM

rowing substitute clarifications
Alright, home wod'er here. So all my Endurance days involve running, for equipment reasons (No pool, No to running). Well it's getting dark early and I work hours that make it that soon, when Day Light Savings kicks in that running will not be safe for me.

I've heard, that you can create a rowing like function by just a SDLHP with a lighter weight for an extended period of time.
I've also heard, that basically if you row for the same period of time that it would take you to run that same distance that you will get about = results.

Therefore my question is:
A- Is my logic Sound?
B- What weight would I use in the SDHP to get the closest results to using a rowing machine?

Dave Witt 10-07-2011 11:20 AM

Re: rowing substitute clarifications
from the FAQ's:
3.6. What if I don't have a rowing machine?
Do Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (see exercise page for demo):
If you don't have a rower substitute sumo-dealift high pulls (sdhp) with 45 pounds for men and 30 pounds for women. Take the bar from mid shin to under your chin--"shin to chin."
2K row = 200 sdhp's, 1K row = 100 sdhp's, 500 meter row = 50 sdhp's

hope that helps!

Rebecca Roth 10-07-2011 01:36 PM

Re: rowing substitute clarifications
Worth a read (wfs) if you are considering adding a considerable amount of SDHPs to your workout regiment, personally I'd go for burpees, jumping jacks, double unders, suicide sprints (assuming you have a yard or even long hallway) and the like for my "cardio" component if limited to indoors.

Dave Witt 10-07-2011 02:24 PM

Re: rowing substitute clarifications
Definitely worth the read, Rebecca! Thanks for sharing!

Erin Hightower 10-08-2011 07:16 PM

Re: rowing substitute clarifications
Thanks all

I bought a speed rope today and that will help as well

Paul Crush 05-02-2014 08:07 AM

Re: rowing substitute clarifications
How many burpees would be a good substitute per 100m of rowing?


Steven Thunander 05-03-2014 10:13 AM

Re: rowing substitute clarifications
If you have a longer row, mixing SDHP, burpees and single/double unders (depending on skill level) may be the best

1000m row= 50 sdhp, 45 lb bar, 20 burpees, and 50 DU's/100 single unders (you can mix and match this so you do 2 rounds of 25 sdhp, 10 burpees, 25 DU's). This applies especially if Row 5k comes up!

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