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Joe Shininger 01-01-2008 11:21 PM

Messing with blocks to beat nighttime snacking
Did a search but couldn't find an answer...

I have just started Zone, but I am concerned that my habit of night snacking will hurt me. I'm sticking to 5 blocks for meals and 3 for snacks, but what can eat when I get those cravings in the middle of the night? I am thinking either slugging a glass of water with some low-cal (read: no sugar/flavoring) protein powder, or perhaps a 1 block snack.

Derek Weaver 01-02-2008 01:29 AM

Re: Messing with blocks to beat nighttime snacking
I'd suggest saving a block from the day, most likely your last snack so that you won't go over your allotted blocks for the day.

Either that, or if it's a certain junk food you're craving... just wait it out. After about 20 minutes or so the craving will go away.

Your day may look something like 5-5-3-5-2-1 or 5-3-5-2-5-1

Craig Van De Walker 01-02-2008 09:18 PM

Re: Messing with blocks to beat nighttime snacking
Arrange your blocks so that you have a one or two block snack (make sure you use low GI carbs) close to bed.

The concept is odd but if this does not work and you usually wake up to eat at night. Take down your daytime blocks so you have one or two blocks for your wake up at night snack.

The thought of waking up at night to eat is just so weird to me that is is hard to put myself in that position. Make sure your daytime carbs are from low GI sources such as green vegetables to keep your insulin level low.

I do however keep a glass of water at my bedside and drink it if I need "something" at night.

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