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Jeremy Jones 01-21-2005 06:21 PM

I am going to get a bar and some bumpers in the next month or so (I am thinking of the Chapman bar per some of the comments made here).

What are the differences between the training bumper plates and the other bumper plates? (Other than price)

I do the WODs, and I plan on focusing more on the Oly lifts in the future, but I don't plan on competing with anyone but myself. I do want something that will last years of dropping from arms length over my 6'4" frame.

Steve Shafley 01-22-2005 11:12 AM

I, personally, prefer to train on the big black rubber composite bumpers. They are much easier on the floor and they rebound a bit better than the Eleiko training bumpers I've used over at a friends house. This same guy is also debating selling his primo Eleiko training bumpers to get more of the composite bumpers from Jesup Gym, because of similar reasons.

I've used, and used hard, a pair of 45# bumpers from Jesup Gym, adding 25s and 35s of regular metal composition for about 5 years now, and I haven't seen any signs of degradation or failure around the hole for the barbell.

The only problem would come when you are really loading up the bar, you can probably only fit ~4 big composite 45# bumpers per side on a bar. Someone else might know.

Eugene R. Allen 01-23-2005 03:29 PM

Jeremy - I have Bigger-Faster-Stronger bumpers and I really like them. They are much cheaper than most of the other brands and are very well made. They have brass inner collars but I have not had any problem with them. And the name is cool too.

Get some stall mats too. Usually about $40.00 each for the 4 x 6 mats. The combination of the mats and the bumpers makes for a very safe platform.

Lincoln Brigham 01-24-2005 09:37 AM

[i]Some[/i] of the BFS bumpers are crap. (The metal ones with the rubber rim.) The rubber composite bumpers are great.

A "training" bumper is simply a bumper plate in a lighter weight, like 5kg or 2.5kg. BFS has some good ones. A well-made training bumper is not necessarily cheap; they can be subject to more stress per square inch than the bigger bumpers. The best training bumper in the world is the Leoko 5kg bumper. Built like a tank and very expensive.

John Phipps 02-22-2005 07:02 PM

I am wanting to buy some bumper plates. I originally was going to get two 10lb and two 45lb but the prices are such I should just buy a set. has a price of $91 for the 10's and $265 for the 45's, or a set of plates 10,15,25,35,and 45 for $539.99 and free shipping. has the same set for $499. Will they give us a price break or do free shipping? Any better deals out there for a set of just the 10's and 45's?

Clay Jones 02-23-2005 03:10 PM

John, you might try calling Scott at BS weightlifting for a quote on the Kraiburg bumpers, he gave me a pretty good price. I went with 10's, 15's, and 20's (kg's, not lbs.) , but a set is not a bad way to go either.

BS weightlifiting:


Lincoln Brigham 02-23-2005 04:26 PM

I finally got a chance to see some of those 10lb. and 15 lb. rubber composite bumpers. They are way too thin; the hub will never last. If anyone is going to get a 10lb. bumper, get the ones made out of nylon, not rubber. 10kg or 25lb is the smallest size you'd want to get in the rubber composite style.

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