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James Sear 10-31-2013 06:25 AM

Shoulder Pain Under Collar Bone

I am struggling with a shoulder pain on my left (non-dominant). I am currently visiting a PT weekly, but thus far, the pain hasn't subsided.

Concisely, I have weight lifted heavily for well over a year. I am very careful about my shoulder health. I perform a 20 minute mobility workout before EVERY session. I also perform pretty much all movements with pinched scapula. I have now been off the gym for 4 weeks and haven't lifted or exercised at all.

It's a dull ache felt just under my collar bone. The pain does seem to radiate throughout the whole shoulder. I have no problem moving my shoulder at all. I can move in all directions without any impingement. However, I feel the ache when I pull my shoulder downwards and forwards. My shoulder is also VERY clicky. If I rotate my shoulder I get a consistent huge series of cracks. Something really does not feel "right", especially in comparison to my right shoulder, which is healthy.

I have tried finding trigger points with a lacrosse ball to no avail.

My posture is good and I make a solid effort all day long to keep it that way, however, I do work at a computer.

I don't want to waffle, but I can of course answer any specific questions.

Any help at all would be appreciated.

Sean Rockett 10-31-2013 07:00 PM

Re: Shoulder Pain Under Collar Bone
bunch of things it could be ranging from tendonitis to labral pathology to AC joint irritation. If normal amount of rest hasn't helped get a diagnosis with a doctor. can check for shoulder issues.

James Sear 11-03-2013 04:07 AM

Re: Shoulder Pain Under Collar Bone
Thanks for the reply. Have been to the doctor twice and he's been very dismissive. I suggested an orthopaedic consultant, but he told me "they are for footballers and the like, not muggins like you and I".

So, next week I'm booking to see another doctor.


Will Seavey 11-05-2013 05:33 PM

Re: Shoulder Pain Under Collar Bone
Your story sounds like mine. I've been to the doc as well, he thought it was probably some micro tears around the upper pectorals, subscapularis, but it was mostly a guess. Nothing was obviously torn and he said an MRI wasn't indicated at the time. For me this happened in July. I cut down for a while during the summer and in the fall I was unable to train because of work schedule. I also wanted to see if a heavy period of rest helped. The thing that bothered me the most is sleeping on it, just nagging a lot of the time. Never sharp pain or enough that stopped me from doing everyday things, just aware of it.

So, now it's November and I started back up again just doing 1 shoulder exercise 3 days a week for now, with LIGHT weight and no burpees until I am going for a few weeks. No trouble so far, putting a heating pad twice a day and just being careful in general. I think I could have started in September and been in the same spot, but I'll never know. I will say, the very mild discomfort is still there sometimes, but exercising hasn't made it worse. A good massage also has helped it out.

I could be wrong with my approach, but I am trying not to be stupid and listen to my body. Keeping my goals in mind, for me just having good general fitness with the strength gains that come along with crossfit. I'm not trying to qualify for the games or be the best athlete in my box.

I'd listen to Sean and also check out, that has helped me out some. Good luck!

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