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Thomas Wozencraft 01-15-2009 08:09 AM

Bloody Nose Bleed
Yesterday, got up, started my 100 Pushup routine. At about 5, felt fluid in the nose. Next thing you know, dripping blood. Stopped my w/o. The nose bleed stopped about 15 minutes later. During the day, looked up on here about nose bleeds during w/o. Apparently somewhat common with weight lifting, and dry cold weather.

So got home after work to do my Angie. At the 15th pullup, the nose started gushing. I swear I cut a major artery or something. Stuck some kleenex in the nose thinking it would plug it to continue the Angie, lasted 5 seconds. So now I'm on my back, on the floor, ****ed knowing this w/o is over. After I setteled down, when back to the house. The nose kept bleeding. We tried pressure around the nose, tried head tilts. I could feel the blood draining down my throat. Now 3 hrs. later, I've got a belly full of blood, trying to delute it with drinking lots of water. Finally tried an Ice pack on the bridge of the nose. That finally slowed it down enough to stop (4 hrs later). Yes, a cold front moved through the region with cold very dry air. Now I'm very depressed for I see no workouts till this thing heals. I've got a 10 ski trip next week that I was trying to prepare for.

Just thought I'd share this BLOODY NOSE BLEED. :ranting2:

Jose M. Perez 01-15-2009 01:58 PM

Re: Bloody Nose Bleed
I sympathize. I've also had the same problem, off and on, every winter. You should consult an ear-nose-throat specialist. Most likely, it's a weak blood vessel that has been aggravated by the dry air. If it needs to be cauterized, it's something that can be done quickly in the doctor's office.

Thomas Wozencraft 01-15-2009 03:05 PM

Re: Bloody Nose Bleed
I think I'll stop the asprin a day thing, it's a blood thinner. Also get a humidifier. That should also help some, I only have a 24x24 space to deal with. Another thing of old family remedies, take Vitamin K, so I'm told. They said it helps with blood clotting. It's just that I'm sitting here, not able to workout till this thing is healed, unless I want blood everywhere, and right in the middle of my 100 burpee challange. (makeup days are killers).

Frank E Morel 01-16-2009 03:05 AM

Re: Bloody Nose Bleed
no.. dont take vit k... just eat more leafy greens..

Jennifer Conlin 01-16-2009 04:54 AM

Re: Bloody Nose Bleed
I've been having this issue also. It sucks for sure. I work in and ER and we try to keep people from tipping their head back. Just sit normal and pinch the **** out of it.
Ice is a very good idea. Once you get the bleeding stopped try to keep the inside of your nose healthly, put some fish oil or Vit E oil on your finger and rub it around inside your nose. Since the issue could be that your skin is dry and cracking inside your nose.
There are other med issues that might cause it but I'll leave that to the Doctors.

Thomas Wozencraft 01-16-2009 10:27 AM

Re: Bloody Nose Bleed
Update: Went to Doc, He indicated that this is probably hereditary. Yep, Dad has had nose bleeds since I can remember. Doc too, said to tilt forward, not backward. To keep the blood out of the stomach. They recommended vasoline in the nose, but I like the oil/vit E idea better. Turns out, you can't do Vit K without perscription. Wasn't real thrilled about "another pill to take" anyway. He said that if the bleeding doesn't stop after 1- 1 1/2 hrs. to got to the ER and get a plug or they might Carterize it. They took some blood work to see about my platelete count and any possible problems there. They did say to stop exercise for 2 days for sure, indicated some docs say 5 days. This was bad news. It's been since Wednesday for my last Workout and now will be Sunday, maybe Monday before I can "get back to life". Thought I'd share to possibly help others. :shrug:

Jennifer Conlin 01-16-2009 03:04 PM

Re: Bloody Nose Bleed
Sounds like you and I had the same appointment. I just saw one of my ER docs today. Got some blood work done and was told not to workout for a week....yeah right! As long as I don't hang upside down very long I should be ok. I'm working for the next 36 hours so I wont be doing many WOD's anyhow.
It also runs in my family.
Vasoline works well while your having the nose bleed, just pack a bunch up there and it slows it down.
I had to get a Rhino Rocket for a few hours today. It was over and hour of bleeding so my co-workers put one is not fun! w/f/s

Jon Ogrodnick 01-16-2009 07:30 PM

Re: Bloody Nose Bleed
I've been told that if you roll up a small portion of toilet paper (or paper towel, etc.) and place it under your top lip that it will essentially "pinch" the blood flow so that it stops. This seems like a purely temporary measure, so I'd still want to get it checked out, but it might make things easier.

Robert Pierce 01-17-2009 06:45 AM

Re: Bloody Nose Bleed
The advice to see an ENT is silly. There aren't enough ENT docs in the country to see every garden-variety anterior nose bleed.

The other advice so far is great...vaseline (good anytime, I usually recommend three times a day), humidifier. Also, some saline nasal spray several times a day can help. For folks with nosebleeds which wake them up at night, sleeping with the head of the bed up may also help.

Jennifer Conlin 01-17-2009 07:18 AM

Re: Bloody Nose Bleed

Originally Posted by Robert Pierce (Post 495609)
The other advice so far is great...vaseline (good anytime, I usually recommend three times a day), humidifier. Also, some saline nasal spray several times a day can help. For folks with nosebleeds which wake them up at night, sleeping with the head of the bed up may also help.

Yup, I just got a humidifier yesterday. We don't call in the ENT's here at the ER unless we really have a bleeder and when it's not BP issue.

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