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Blair Robert Lowe 06-11-2008 09:57 AM

Blair's I should have a log since I don't like logs log.
Honestly, I'm not much of someone to keep a workout log. Perhaps I prefer randomness ( and chaos ) too much. I keep one for my gymnasts but never so much for myself ( when I was introduced to weightlifting we had to and it was quite honestly a bore ).

Occasionally, I would input workdata into Rog's DrillsandSkills athletelog but I was never was too concerned about. I was more concerned about working out than logging stuff. Periodic testing of stuff, sure.

Moreso, this log will be to keep me from lazy and for my own viewing pleasure. I'm not much of a blogger on myspace and will start sometimes and just stop because I don't give a damn that much and will eventually talk about amongst my friends since the ones I talk to on MyS I see every week.

I've actually been meaning to do this since Saturday, start it, get caught up with other things and just close it out.

Here is where I am:

5'1 or so, give or take half an inch. According to my friend's electric scale that he says is a POS I weigh between 165 and 170. I think it measures based on pressure per square inch and calculates it from there. Next time I'm at a real scale I'll check. Weigh in's are generally done upon waking when dry, hungry and thirsty ( like wrestling ).

Former HS wrestler during my senior year ( 145's ) and did Polevaulting and track and field badly for 2. Eventually I vaulted decently towards the very last vaults of HS. I also shotputted and ran all the distances except hurdles. No way, buddie. Played most ball sports till HS and considered trying out for the teams but became a little disinterested in team sports and the A-holes on them. Baseball was what my life revolved around for the first 14 years of my life due to my father and a few friends of his who were ball players big time ( always was cool to get pro batting tips or ride on their shoulders after games [ there is a good memory of Jack Clark flinging my Dodger's helmet through the parking lot across a couple of cars after disgust of my helmet while he was on the Padres or Giants ]

I was also into MA in my youth, which can be seen by some threads on the board. Got into weights my senior year under former affiliate SST Steve Kenyon. Continued with it though college till I got more into gymnastics and out of the globo and access to free weights. CF got me back into weights that I so missed.

Most of the strength stuff I test at Level 2 or 3 per CF North's standards. Of the endurance stuff, I probably am far off when it comes to running and I rarely row though I'm decent enough at it ( done my share at gyms or at the college gym ). I don't like swimming much because of the effects of chlorine but would consider a saltwater pool. American river is a bit nasty or cold to swim in for my tastes and time.

Last fall my CFT was 700+. 250-300 BS, 150 Press, and 275-325 DL. That was when I was more on track with strength training before the Winter/Spring Boy's season and some crap at work came into play. I probably can press 125-150, BS 225-275, and DL 250-300 now. I currently don't have access to weights much though my friend has a setup but we don't seem to get together because of schedules ( planning on it this summer ). Going to the local CF affiliate when I can as drop in is cheap but I've been broke most of the time.

Still have a base of gymnastics which I've been coaching 8 years or so and doing off an on. Getting more back into it after meeting Roger Harrell ( had prior given up due to wrist and shoulder injury before missing it ).

Here's some strength skill numbers.

Can't do a muscle-up right now typically. DHPU are around 5-10, which were around 10-12 last fall. Have really fallen off the wagon on this and I think these decreased with lean body tissue loss and the fact I don't do as much pull strength as a coach compared to legs, abs, and pushwork.

I can do about 10 ring dips and probably 15-20 on PB. Got a POS ring setup that will work till I can afford some of Sommer's though I'll have to use them out and about.

Can leg lift and KTE till my heart's content. 20-30 or so. I tend to do these or V-ups more than situps. I still like back extensions but don't do much roman chairs. Sometimes I work hollow holds or rocks in somewhere.

L hang is at 45 seconds which is just about my L sit. I've never had great hip flexor active flexibility to go beyond much of parallel. Shows in my pistol and straddle L or working to V hold.

Handstand is around a min on the wall and tends to end up free balancing for some reason. I get on the wall and end up not touching. Dunno why.

Can still probably do more pushups than I care to. Pushups with elbows are more demanding though. Ring pushups have never been a biggie really. Of course to the deck or my ROTC Gunny would have my ***.

8 rounds of tabata squats staying at 17 Monday night. Didn't feel a thing Tuesday and meant to workout but crashed instead. I think I can hit 25 eventually and move my legs that much faster. I'm and my parents are squat centric. Short, squatty ppl with heritages from the same ( farmers and high alt Peruvians ). I still do a fair amount of MA and weapons work that tends to be leggy. Can do about 10 pistols and hop pistols.

Vert is probably around 20 inches, maybe 22 if I have a few days of good food and rest.

I was cleaning 150+ last fall without problems. Snatching about the same depending.

100 and 200 sprint times are still ok. Probably 13-15 for a 100, and 27-30 for a 200. Just a feel from last Sunday. 400 probably isn't good. Using a pose method probably 1:20 to 1:45.

Don't have a KB, but I swing my 2 25 DB from either a low squat or just while standing ( transition exercise towards swing to HS on PB ). Don't care too much about KB honestly and I prefer doing an upright chest swing to a horizontal/flexed back swing that squats relatively low that swings to above head. That's about it. I play with DB snatch or cleans for the hell of it and it's what I do in WOD stuff since I don't have a bar right now.


get my shoulders healthy to really swing in gymnastics. it's improved after i found what's wrong but a good chiro is what's gonna fix it once I have the money. some rotator cuff tears that tightened things up and a bad shoulder seperation. However, alignment is more of an issue that's been fixed with stick dislocates, cable work, and stretching to some degree. Sometimes can be sore.

Make my wrists indestructable like they used to be when I first started tumbling. Used to have an awesome grip. DL will help with a lot and rope climbs. Probably rope climb in the gym before coaching or at an open gym.

3-5m HS on the wall, walk 100 feet in a HS and pirouette till I'm dizzy while getting a solid 30s HS on PB and 1-2m HS on FX. When strength gets up, probably can get ring HS like I did last fall which was more of just working over the fear of it. HS was always much better on FX than PB, opposite of my dad. However, he sucked as a tumbler or on rings.

short term goal is hit 10 PU soon and get to 20. I don't kip much but will when I have access to a bar for WOD. I try to GTG or PU ladders to really get this. Once I get my PU strength back, I can seriously train for a front lever again. Used to MUDH at will back in the day that was mostly just slow and muscled out. Last fall could do about 1 with maybe 2 or 3 total and was probably at 5-7 a year and a half ago. Would be nice to MU and back lever at will again. Mostly due to lack of pull strength, though shoulder issues do come up.

Used to hit 40-45 dips and was probably around 20 last summer/fall. Was probably around 15 dips on rings then. Short term is get to 25 again and 15 on rings. Always was decent at dips since I've been doing pushups since a youngn.

Had a goal of doing a CFT at 1k. Back during the fall was getting there and hoping to hit for Summer CFG. Looking to hit BW press, 2x BS, 2x DL by end of summer. During college years of lifting never did DL but was into heavy jump shrugs. Used to squat 350-400 upright style. Probably could DL heavier back then as well but I'm just guessing. Press was poorer than the leggy lifts.

Knock down to 155 and under, especially if I want to become a trainer to be more lean. Basically get to 9% BF. Anything would be more way more difficult. Diet is basically try to eat period as what budget has allowed for months ( though for about 5 I basically was living away from home except weekends on friend's coach due to commute to work 70 miles away ). I think being caloric and protein deficient has really decreased in the past 4 months and sapped strength away. Lately, I've dropped weight 10 pounds+ probably by having to bike ride 15-25 miles a day or 5-10 to just get around from place to place. This however has given me a bit more stamina to start getting into working out again besides being in the gym to play before and after ( and then riding to the train station and home ). When income goes up, I can probably get back on track with fish oil, enough protein, eating 4-5x a day. I've tried to stay away from grains but quite honestly am sometimes just happy to eat and mooch from my roomates.

Currently at 1-2 parallette wall HSPU. Last fall was at 5-7. Once could hit 20 and do about 1-2 freestanding ( damn HS ) and plenty of enough with a balance spot. Looking to get that ring hpsu one day.

Would like to do BW clean and snatch. With poor technique could hit 180 in HS during clean at 147 and snatch about 120. Never was taught correctly. Looking also to do BW OHSx15.

Looking to run a mid 55 400, 25 200, and 12 100. Best in my day were 51, 24 and change, and 11 and change with a 2min and change 800, near 5mi mile and 11m 2mi and could hit 3mi in under 18 for PFT.


Blair Robert Lowe 06-11-2008 10:06 AM

Re: Blair's I should have a log since I don't like logs log.
My current workout equipment is as follows:

2 DB of 25 pounds each.

One power tower for pullups and dips. Got a door pullup thingy that I use as a set for parallettes. Doesn't work great for freestanding PB HS.

I use my friend's exercise bicycle for back extensions and reverse leg lifts and roman chairs.

Made a pair of crappy pvc rings. Roomates will not allow me to hang ropes or rings in workout/spare living room. Support beam would probably not be strong enough unless I went in from the side and would **** off their parent's who own house. I'll buy a set of Sommer's by July or so and go somewhere.

Got a cheap total gym from CL last fall for 30 bucks. Mainly bought it to do shoulder rehab and light ringesque work on off days back then and hoped roomates might use it. Useless for pullups but has a 45 degree PU like a HSPU that is good for a sub to HPSU as it's full ROM. However, doing pullups and pushups this way does not use midline at all. Fun for straight arm pulls and crosses.

Got a PVC bar and use a set of Nunchaku since I can hold them just as wide with tension. Just a random piece of equipment from my MA days.

Got a pair of cross trainers and my old sprint shoes that have spikes. Have a spare bike but I don't intend to ride to condition moreso as a necessity to get to and fro till I have a car ( damn gas ).

Blair Robert Lowe 06-11-2008 10:14 AM

Re: Blair's I should have a log since I don't like logs log.
Did Saturdays workout of cleans and HSPU. Was that it? Cleans with DB as fast as possible.

Cannot do HSPU full ROM on parallettes. I'm not an advocate of wall headstand to HPSU though I could have done those instead. Subbed full ROM HSPU with feet on a bar across my power for 2 sets. Had to do one set on total gym at 45 degrees. Finished with 2 sets of planche pushups. Triceps were so from that and ring work.

Time was decent but forgot to time after forgetting to ask roomate if he had a timer. Cellphone doesn't have stopwatch function so I need to get one of those.

Took footage of some ring work with poor performance so I deleted them. Back lever to about 15 degrees off horizontal. Noticed it put strain on my elbows and this is why I tend not to hold it for more than 10s. I need to work on building this up for duration like Sommer's front lever methinks.

Did 10 ring dips, played around with muscle-ups with feet off a chair.

Blair Robert Lowe 06-11-2008 10:24 AM

Re: Blair's I should have a log since I don't like logs log.
Sunday went sprinting instead of burpee and pullup workout. Probably too damn sore armwise to do pushups anyways.

First time sprinting since last fall? I've been running sporadically since then but generally not sprinting unless doing vault. Way different ball game.

Biked about a mile to local HS that has a soft track.

Warmed up with leg swings, squats, lunges, candlestick to stands, buttkickers, high knees. Progressed to doing one foot hoops with arm circles on both feet. Progressed to doing arm pump/leg kick action that shows ankle strength is poor. Really did hurt myself when doing these last fall for a bit across the floor.

Was planning to do three sets of 100-200-400 and finish with an 800.

Did 100 and 200 ok at 85-95% and 75-85% intensity. Tried running 400 on forefoot and just gassed out on calves. Calves got sore. Did the next 100 and 200 just fine and decided could not do 400 on forefoot so ran it pose/distance like with ok time. Need more endurance on this distance. Bugs were really start to eat me and calves were dying so went home.

Next day, Tuesday, and still Wednesday calves are all ****ed. Hobbling around like a gimp, even standing is weird. However, rest of legs are fine though inside of legs were a bit sore on Monday but could still do tabata squats without any problems.

Hopefully by weekend will go running again. Plan is to run on weekends, generally sundays for sprint training. Maybe run during the week one distance run.

Going to continue running 100 and 200 sets sprint style and switch to 400 long distance/pose style. Start off with 3 or 4 sets and finish with an 800.

May eventually do 100, 300, 600 sets and eventually build up to a mile run. 4 laps, how boring. Will probably alternate this sprint set with other doing 800 to finish and eventually a mile.

Blair Robert Lowe 06-11-2008 10:33 AM

Re: Blair's I should have a log since I don't like logs log.
Monday and calves are all ****ed. A chimp could outwalk me.

However, determined legs were fine for squatting. Not great for jumping so could not make up burpees. Kind of sore when jumping down from bar or support on rings.

Warmed up and did 1 static hold of bunch of gymnastic holds before doing tabata squats. Scored 17, though high was only 18 or 19. So shows I have some endurance, I think. I know eventually my legs can work a lot faster as they seem to move slow though I can't move faster. Squats to the deck.

Determined these were too easy and I should either do weighted or holding the bottom to rest. Was going to do roman chairs in between but decided to try pullups on total gym that was a waste of time. Probably why I scored so high on tabata squats since had that time to recoup. Thought about V-ups as that was common with Rog or leg lifts. Next time I'll do real pullups or V-ups or something. Thought I could watch clock on total gym pullups.

Need a beeping stopwatch or have a big *** clock with seconds hand to watch. Hopefully tacky as hell.

Did 3 sets of the roman chair situps and my legs got more tired holding me up than my abs.

Did a bunch of ring support stuff and played with going wide in support. Arms still tired from HSPU on saturday. Did pushup wrist conditioning exercises and finishing each workout with these and DB wrist stuff.

Didn't seem to able to hold on wall for long tonight. Damn, I really need to be eating more per day with more protein. Will really help energy on some workouts.

Blair Robert Lowe 06-11-2008 10:47 AM

Re: Blair's I should have a log since I don't like logs log.
Crashed out Tuesday night after laying back awhile and waking up at 6am. Finally posting workout log. Probably gonna take a nap for a few hours and go look for work in afternoon. Still hobbling around like an idiot. Biking doesn't feel too great either and is slower than norm. Hopefully can be back normally to train either tonight or Saturday.

Was going to workout Tuesday night and rollout calves with iron bar. Roomate gave me some **** about doing splits or BB style. Ehh, **** it, I got nothing else to do tonight or was. Was probably going to do old form work since that would be good activity to move body and then do workout.

DrillsandSkills WOD is

10 HSPU, 10 Burpee PU, 20 V-ups. Sounds fun. Probably will have to do burpee, stand up and climb off chair to pullup and do kipping PU. For 7m. I'll probably just do rounds since I'm not in a gymnastics class for 1-2h before conditioning. Perhaps do typical 1m of statics before workout. Maybe some DB swings or something CF like. Will depend if I can go to training tonight. If not, do form and weapons work and workout.

Damn calves. Still walking like a gimp, slightly better. Can hop as good as a kindergartener but uncomfortable landing. Gastrocnemius is tight but soleus is really tight. Can nearly do full ROM calf raise, though first half is real slow. So, it's a bit better than the support calf raises on monday.

Blair Robert Lowe 06-12-2008 04:14 AM

Re: Blair's I should have a log since I don't like logs log.
Calves felt better tonight. Still a bit tight so skipped out on burpees and Drillsandskills WOD. Did a short workout because tailbone hurt when I fell on it yesterday trying to get up ( standing up with the calves was an exercise in frustration ). Calves should be good to go by friday, can jump a bit better today. Still focuses on just doing suppported calf raises and stuff.

Warmed up, short workout in total. Still achy to walk around cause of tailbone. Not going fast tonight.
Couldn't do V-ups so subbed L hang for 2s, pull to tuck lever for 2s.

HSPU on parallettes, leg assisted 17-15-11
DB swing 2x25lb 10-10-9
Modified pullups, feet on block 10-9-9
starting in L
( not really a L hang )
L for 2s, pull to tuck lever 2s 6-5-5

ehh, was fun and something to get sweaty. More of strength work for numbers, assisted. Was really psyched up thoughout day due to reading Coach Rip's quotes.

till tomorrow, that one's gonna be fun! Shouldn't have wore myself out 2nite for ring dips, pistols, and pullups. Was a bit shaky on rings, butt hurt.

Blair Robert Lowe 06-14-2008 12:57 AM

Re: Blair's I should have a log since I don't like logs log.
Missed last nights workout on account of falling asleep randomly. Barely ate today cept some lemon water and cherries and a glass of milk, egg, and whey protein and vitamins I found beforehand. Probably will affect workout a bit.

Warmed up today with stick deadlifts, romanian DL, good mornings, back and front squats ( forgot Oly's I guess and holding the bottom of each of these movements ). Notice my back was more limber in candlesticks and yoga plow/basket position than it is usually so early in the warmup. Either it's the fact I'm not sitting in a car commuting or doing that set works! It's sweetness anyways.

Worked some press to HS and pirouettes in very small amount of space in middle of floor.

Tried HSPU on parallettes and ended up controlled negatives which for me no way Jose. Got to the bottom and got stuck. Nothing out of the hole. Was able to do 5 at 75 degree angle arched against wall or stomach to. Two workouts in the past week with HSPU means I'm still recovering from that. Still some tightness in elbow/triceps. Blech. Gotta try these when I'm super duper recovered.

Lever work no go either. Bleh. Need to let elbows rest.

Got on to WOD. Tailbone is still a bit sore so I subbed pistols and held the rings doing them concetrating on using legs to push. Notice my abs were contracted during them and never noticed that before. Neat. Subbed ring dips for supported ring dips taking off about 10% of BW while resting on rolled over toes. Tried some kipping PU and it wasn't happening so subbed for pullups with feet up in block. Kind of turns into a row.

5 or 6 rounds was just over 20 minutes. No idea on seconds. Doing assisted stuff kills time but for the now I still need to build up volume, neuro-efficiency and capacity. Wonder if riding bike will be lame-o tomorrow. Ended with a set of back extensions and roman chair situps. Looked for a weight ( DB where on the base of the stationary bicycle I was doing these on ) and found my bowling ball. 14 pounds and I can use it instead of a medball. May wear steel toed boots then. First set with BW was 15 each and second managed 10. Need to do these more till I get to 50.

Wrists don't hurt but it's not like I'm doing anything with them for real. Gotta make an open gym on a saturday when I can in Davis. My pike and yoga plow flexibility is pretty darn good compared to what it used to seem like it cold. I'm still chalking this up to the DL/RDL's/GM and squats early on which wasn't always a part of my warmup. Couldn't do candlesticks cause of tailbone.

Able to jump and land though soleus felt tight in workout. Feels real limber now.

Was under 165 today which means 160 and 155 are in sight. This was probably not due to eating much yesterday and water weight. Still will be more difficult in losing weight when I can eat more but should be working out a lot more by then.

About 150 to 165 on splits at first. Could force it but rather not have the DOMS. Need to find a place to do kipping PU. Long hair in ears is annoying when working out. Should be able to do 100 and 200 sprints on sunday with 400s as on midfoot.

Blair Robert Lowe 06-15-2008 01:13 AM

Re: Blair's I should have a log since I don't like logs log.
Didn't work out today but trained in the morning. Can't wait till I can start making open gym in Davis.

Ended up tumbling while waiting for the train while it was late. Bored and refused to just sit there. Haven't done so on grass in a long time and landing the butterfly's was interesting.

I want to attempt HSPU on wall and PB right now but I think I may just do it tomorrow after attempting 3-5 rounds of 100 and 200's with 400 pose-ish.

I think next time I go to the market I'm going to switch to eating milk, eggs, yogurt, bananas, apples, oranges, pears. I try to stay away from the potatoes. I'll buy some lettuce, carrots, celery, cucumber, spinach, radish. Shouldn't cost much at all and milk will be a staple of it for fat. It's very cheap per serving, with precious fat and calories and protein. Mainly this is due to cost. Perhaps can afford a bottle of fish oil. I can probably intake a lot more calories, protein and fat per day at a cheap cost with some meat in there somewhere too.

Blair Robert Lowe 06-15-2008 06:44 PM

Re: Blair's I should have a log since I don't like logs log.
1 HSPU on PB against wall. Probably 75 degree angle as this is the angle stomach or back against.

5 HSPU on wall to headstand.

Well, I got one but still feel very grandma-ish. This somewhat confirms the 5 or 7:1 ratio I came up with years ago, but gonna ask for others to test.

Did 10 deadhang pullups earlier, probably could fail on the 11th.

163.5 according to scale after waking up.

I'll go sprint here shortly after replacing my rear bike tire and repost this later as it's DrillsandSkills WOD. Maybe I should do short lever work, HS and L work before hand because this is gonna frack me up, I think and will probably be useless in these movements tomorrow and maybe Tuesday. Eventually, recovery period will start cycling up, more so when eating more.

Complete for time:
30 HSPU 0.00bodyweight additional weight
10 P-bar body rows, horizontal 0.00bodyweight additional weight
20 HSPU 0.00bodyweight additional weight
20 P-bar body rows, horizontal 0.00bodyweight additional weight
10 HSPU 0.00bodyweight additional weight
30 P-bar body rows, horizontal 0.00bodyweight additional weight

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