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Kristofer Shamloo 05-14-2008 04:50 PM

Why do you train?
To win the CF games? To look good naked? To stay healthy? Why do you train? And how?

I am training for BUD/S, I train on a 5 on 2 off schedule doing Dan John's "Rapid Ascent" program MWF, and I CrossFit TR. I had been doing pure CrossFit for a good 2 months but my strength needed some work, so I shifted gears a bit. Also my CrossFit days are rarely the prescribed WOD. I also try to run 3 of those days, it varies with accordance to when I go to the beach, nothing like barefoot and shirtless to turn heads! :D

So what motivates you?

Jennifer Bland 05-14-2008 05:08 PM

Re: Why do you train?
I train to stay healthy, but I train to save my life.

I have already encountered a person who was going to kill me and reach for my duty weapon. I was able to fight enough for my cover to help me. CF has made me a stronger person. CF has also helped me have the strength to keep going. Granted I was tired, but I went home alive.


Tirzah Harper 05-14-2008 05:19 PM

Re: Why do you train?
Because the person I want to become is helped in those goals by CF.

I train because it brings me closer to being the person I aim to be.

My motivations include everything from vanity to sheer stubborn will. It's all good.

Nick Gagnon 05-14-2008 05:36 PM

Re: Why do you train?
I want to eventually be very competitive in Kettlebell Sport and I am probably going into Law Enforcement.

Also, because I am able to and I want to push myself as far as I can go.

Kristofer Shamloo 05-14-2008 05:37 PM

Re: Why do you train?
Yeah vanity is big for me, I want to be, look, and feel strong.

Geoff Sallee 05-14-2008 05:39 PM

Re: Why do you train?
I do it to get strong, to increase my coordination, to learn new skills, and to become a stronger person mentally. I'm a computer programmer, so I have no real *need* to train like this, I just know it's the best way to achieve the goals I have set for myself. Plus, as the Boy Scouts say, it pays to "Be Prepared" whether I'll ever need it or not.

Dave Gibbs 05-14-2008 05:54 PM

Re: Why do you train?
I know its a cliche but for me - healthy body=healthy mind. As someone who is prone to depression and has a stressful job as well as family with 3 teenage girls:yikes: I know the value of exercise goes well beyond the physical.
The egotist in me also likes being in better shape and fitter than 98% of people my age and most people half my age.
... And of course I am vain and anyone who says they are not is kidding themselves.

Bryan McWilliams 05-14-2008 05:55 PM

Re: Why do you train?
Love Tirzah's responses

I have been in and out of gyms (more out than in) all my life. I got fed up with 90 minute death march workouts in a commercial gym. Workouts that were so - so effective.

I am on my second "intense at home is better" approach, after abandoning cross fit, and getting truly fat for the first time in my life. I came back.

Why am I doing it?

- Because at 51, 30% body fat is a recipe for diabetes, hypertension, you name it

- Because I am fed up with losing muscle and strength. I have decided that I will not go quietly. I live on a farm. Weakness is unacceptable.

- Because I'm vain. I care about how I look, and no longer want to cringe when I pass a mirror.

- Because it's a kick to fit into suits I bought in my late 30's, and haven't been able to wear in years.

- Because I like to be able to do 75 strict pull ups in a 35 minute work out.

- Because tonight, I managed 250 swings of a 20kg kettlebell. 10 sets of 25, with 10 seconds rest between sets, all done in 10 minutes.

- Because I did (above) after 5 * 4 rung kettlebell clean and press/steict pull-up ladders. 50 C&P's (each side). 50 pull ups

- Because my teenage daughters look at me and admire what I have done in the last 15 weeks.

- Because I won the weight loss contest at work.

- Because I feel and look better than I have in years

- Because grabbing 2 50 lb bags of feed out of the pickup, and carrying them to the barn is no big deal. Carrying 1 bag used to be a big deal.

- Because it works

David Meverden 05-14-2008 06:18 PM

Re: Why do you train?
I'm joining the fine crossfit ranks because . . .

-I want to know what my body can really do, and think it's exhilarating finding out.

-Most people are wads of cookie dough, I wanna be carved outta wood.

-I want to be stronger, faster, and more powerful than the pretty boy checking out his biceps in the gym mirror.

-I want to make what other people are incapable of look easy.

-I like knowing I can push myself past what I used to think of as "too tired to continue"

Lets hope I can find the will to stick with these masochistic workouts to get the above!

Eric Dewees 05-14-2008 06:31 PM

Re: Why do you train?
I have always tried to be fit and CF has helped me get far beyond I could even imagine. In addition, I train to be the best Martial Artist(TaeKwonDo) I can be. I am not there yet either. I want to be able to do 100 pull-ups and 100 push-ups with no rest!

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