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Jim Colby 07-22-2011 09:00 AM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
[B][U]July 20[/U][/B]
Rest day

[B][U]July 21[/U][/B]
Cycled 15 miles, moderately hilly
Messed up clock, so didn't get a good time, but I think it was fast.

[B][U]July 22[/U][/B]
Swam 1000M continuously
Packing for Olympic tri on Sunday

Deb Weber 07-22-2011 05:41 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Good luck, [B]Jim Cliff and Pat!![/B] Nice deads btw, [B]Pat.[/B]

[B]7_22_11 Friday[/B]
169# today

2 mile brisk walk
Deadhang pullups (just 10, still struggling w/these)

102°, biting flies, I'm not supposed to be running, & had to damn near carry the dog back after the 1st mile. And I thought [B][I]I[/I][/B] was out of shape from weightlifting!! Wondering what to do about tomorrow, don't have right amount of weights and it'd have to be out in the sun!

Cliff Miller 07-22-2011 06:44 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
back squat 1-1-1

330-350-362 (s)

30 minute breathing ladder 24" box jump

one jump one breath
2 jumps 2 breaths

and so on

16 rounds

was a very uncomfortable feeling by the end

Perry Dean Freedman 07-23-2011 05:17 AM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Yesterday: 30 mile bike. Rode with my buddy who is the fastest biker I know. Rode at a blistering pace on a very hilly route in East and West Greenwich, RI. Very tough to keep pace with him on the flat sprints but I might be stronger on the hills. Went out at 9am and by the end it was over 100 degrees. Heat did not seem to affect us until after the ride. Drank water all day long and it took most of the day to fully recover. Loved this ride!

Jim Colby 07-23-2011 10:18 AM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
[B][U]July 23[/U][/B]
Thanks Deb!

Ran an easy 1 mile today with some accelerations, then stretched.

Jumping in the car now to go register for the race. Next update will be post-race tomorrow night.

Perry Dean Freedman 07-23-2011 12:20 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Warm up: 6 sets of clean and jerks off the floor. 95 lbs x 10 reps; 115 lbs x5 reps; 135 lbs x5 reps; 145 lbs x 3 reps; 155 lbs x 1 rep (PR)(did 5 reps with no jerk. PR for power cleans); 135 lbs x 5 reps.

WOD: "Helen": Around 11:30. Using the wall clock so might be a little off.

Deb Weber 07-23-2011 01:05 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
[QUOTE]6 sets of clean and jerks off the floor.[/QUOTE]
You mean 6 sets of FULL CLEAN and jerks (squat clean?) Or you power cleaned? or did you mean, from the floor - not hang cleans? Anyway, dang! Awesome work for 5's and triples!!! (and THEN you did helen, lol)

[B]7_23_11 Saturday[/B] Blairstown
160# this am, 166 this pm

Not the best workout, one of those days. Woke tired achy and w/headache, like a weather system day. I shudder to think what shape I'dve been in if there was other than bud lite beer in the fridge last nite? My son's dog tried to speak to me last nite. :rofl: Funniest thing I ever saw/heard; I texted my kids so they were sending me texts, from the dog! hysterical.

[B]Snatch[/B] Not a good day; struggled to keep the bar close off the floor, hell in handbasket from the get go everything felt really SLOW :(
40kg (2)
42kg (3) had a miss in here
45kg (f, f) not heavy just not fast enough, supposed to do 44 didn't have

[B]Snatch Pull[/B]
45kg/2 (4)
50kg/2 (3)

[B]Power Clean[/B]
43kg/2 (2)
47kg (3) (this was 105#)
52kg (1) (115#)

[B]Back Squat[/B]
47kg/3 (3)
51kg/4 (3)
57kg/3 (4)

Got dressed to train, warmed up and then decided to run over to the new Fitness Empire in Btown, thinking maybe daypass for the ac, humidity just so oppressive. Its preopen, and its all cybex machines! The one new client was STARING at me like I dunno, all I was doing was standing there. Not even wearing the huge ugly pink Ristos. :(
The owner gave me a tour. He has ONE squat rack, I could squat there, I might join, $39/month, I asked if a discount for older folks, and he said I was wayyyy far from it (and then I told him, 51. why are people always surprised by that? but no discount! 65). A platform in my garage is not gonna help me when its 0° in winter, and FDU gym hours now, most nites I run to blairstown to squat.

Lot of benches, no women's bars, and I tried to spin one of the bars he had - nothing!! Worse than my shi**y bar at home. He and GF are personal trainers, he's ACE and his GF, he told me she used to be a figure athlete and how its all politics. And yes, last log note was correct, she benches like, 30#-50#. He SAID she used to do a lot more, I dunno. He kept talking about me PLing and I was trying to explain, PL is completely diff than Oly. Told him I train at FDU and he said he goes sometimes to, like a 24hour fitness in Morristown. I didn't think he was getting it, maybe just trying to make a sale though. He was a nice guy, he told me if he expands he'd consider maybe a platform. He couldn't tell me how much a figure athlete squats in terms of bodyweight. I don't know I never see my legs getting any bigger; well, they're WAY bigger nothing fits, my chest either, but it doesnt seem like much is muscle! Although, he did tell me I have a lot of muscle. Flattery.

Maybe Ill pitch a NEW NJ show in NYC, jersey gym-a-licious? I bet it'd be funny! (I love the Jerseylicious they show all these happening places in the commercials like Hoboken, JC, NY, then you find out the salon is in GREEN BROOK which is soooooo NOT happening NOT thing about Green Brook is Eight on the Break pool hall on rt 28 in Dunellen. And Dunellen has an ice rink. HAhahahahaha!!!

Nothing really big here, 100# snatch is my PR, I had one! And lost it forward.:ranting2: Next two I never really had, not heavy just not quick enough today. Discovered what the thumb tape is for, so humid and slippery. Although my hands hurt more near the base of my thumb (i have long thumbs).
So hot and sticky, zaps your strength & speed.

John Burch 07-23-2011 03:18 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Good Luck J.C. and you too Pat, But you don't need luck just heavy lifts, and you got that!!

Decline bench 185/225/245/255
max 3 push press 95/125/145/175
weighted dips 5x7 @35
shrugs (no kidding Shrugs)

WOD 5 rounds for time
3 bench @185
5 snatch @ 95
7 C2B Pullup

2x12 box squat w/ chains @ 255
7 Ultra wide sumo style DL @ 255 chains
3x10 good morning @ 135

1 hand release push up
1 V up
1 box jump 20"
increase by 1 rep each round 10 3/4 rounds
3 round 25 air squat
25 KB swings @ 45
25 mountain climbers
EMOM 1 burpee pull up increase by 1 rep each round/ 7 rounds
this was over a 23:00 WOD

John Burch 07-23-2011 03:29 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Deb seems funny to think of going into a big box Gym or the like and putting in some work, when I am on Vacation in Mexico I use the resort gym and it always seems odd to try and do a crossfit style WOD there, let alone OLY lifting

9x3 bench with Bands @ 125
3x16 bench with hanging KBs @40
100 Green band tri ext

5 sets
DB bent over row 5x10 @ 50
10 rear fly @25

WOD two man team WOD one man works other man does Burpees until working man is finished with his 38 reps then switch
38 jumping lunge
38 ring dip
38 back squat @95
38 elevated pushup
38 falling squat into pushup
38 clean and jerk @95
38 floor sweepers

who even knows how long this took

Perry Dean Freedman 07-23-2011 04:02 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Deb: I mean off the floor, like a dead lift, pull under the bar into a squat and then up into a split jerk. I'm not sure if that's a full clean, power clean or what.

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